God’s Way of Building His Temple 1 Chr 28:11-21

God’s Way of Building His Temple 1 Chr.28:11-21 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In 1 Chr 28:11-21 we see God’s way of building his temple.  This passage is David’s communication to Solomon concerning building the temple in Jerusalem.  From this passage we learn three important things about how God builds his temple in the Lord [Eph 2:19-22].

God provides the pattern – 1 Chr 28:11-13, 19 – the pattern of the temple was given to David “in writing” by the Lord.  Every detail was covered right down to the courses of the priests and Levites.  Likewise, in the New Testament we are to follow God’s written pattern in the building of his temple [1 Cor 3:11-17].  God wants his building built his way and his way is very clear.  His building is built by preaching the gospel [1 Cor 1:17, 2:2, 3:5; Rom 10:13-14], by preaching and teaching the word of God [Eph 4:11-16], and by discipleship [2 Tim 2:2].

God provides the provision – 1 Chr 28:14-18 – David gave gold and silver for the construction of the temple and for the vessels of the temple.  Others gave, as well [1 Chr 29:6-9].  And he professed that all that they gave came from God [1 Chr 29:11-14].  The same is true for us in the church [Lk 6:38; Phil 4:15-19].  God makes all the provision for the things that he wants done.  He pays the bill by giving through us.  We are to work within his provision.

God provides the people – 1 Chr 28:20-21 – everybody was available to help in the construction of the temple whether they were priests, Levites, skillful men, princes or the people.  Likewise, God sets the members in the church as it pleases him [1 Cor 12:18, 25].  He sets it up so that each of us has something to do [Eph 4:16] “every joint supplieth.”

Conclusion: when you pray for our church, pray that the Lord will make his pattern for our church abundantly clear.  Then pray that we will give as he provides for the work that he intends for us to do.  And then pray that God will provide the exact people for the precise work that he wants each of us to do.  That way, our portion of work done in God’s temple will be according to his pattern, provision and people.