How to Walk Circumspectly Eph 5:15

How To Walk Circumspectly Eph. 5:15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In Eph 5:15 Paul said, “See then that ye walk circumspectly, not as fools, but as wise.”  It helps us to know what the word “circumspect” means.  Circumspect defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “careful to consider all circumstances and possible consequences.”  In the Webster’s New International Dictionary is is defined “Marked by caution and earnest attention to all significant circumstances and possible consequences of action, and usually by prudence and discretion.”  Circumspectly, therefore, is “in a circumspect manner.”  People rarely consider ALL the circumstances and, more importantly, ALL the possible CONSEQUENCES.

How to walk circumspectly  

Do what God says – in Ex 23:13, the Lord said, “in all things that I have said unto you be circumspect.”  So, we must consider what he said and do it.  God is very clear on what to do.  You will not know all that he said to do when you first start reading the Bible. But as you read you will see what to do.  In the meantime, you can ask someone who knows the Bible and he or she can tell you what it says.  Then, just do it.  

Look in this chapter and notice how many things God shows you to do.  Eph 5:1, follow God.  Eph 5:2 walk in love.  Eph 5:8 walk as children of light.  Eph 5:14 wake up.  Eph 5:16 Redeem the time.  Eph 5:17 understand the will of God.  Eph 5:19 sing to the Lord.  Eph 5:20 give thanks always.  And so forth.  His instructions are clear and they are always beneficial to you.

Don’t do what God says not to do – again the Lord is very clear on these things.  The more you know the word, the more you know what not to do.  Eph 5:3-7 don’t do the things listed in these verses.  Eph 5:11 have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness.  Eph 5:12 don’t speak of the things done in darkness.  Eph 5:18 don’t drink.  And so forth.  These two points alone will keep you in line with God and out of a lot of trouble.

Please notice something.  Paul told us to have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness and to not even speak of them, but rather reprove them.  Therefore, you must consider the affect social networking is having on you and your relationship to the Lord.  There is a terrible trend toward the sins in Eph 5 amongst our teens and young adults.  Other pastors and I have noticed that as the involvement with social networking increases, the involvement in these sins increases.  When you are more involved in your social networks than you are in your God-works, you are hooked.  When you spend more time in your social network than you do in your Bible, you are in trouble.  Discontinue all social networking for 30 days.  You will see that you are addicted.

Don’t walk as fools walk – Eph 5:15 – do you not have enough discretion to recognize the walk of a fool when you see one?  Sure you do.  But some Christians think that foolishness is fun [Prov 15:21].  When you see a fool, turn away.  The companion of fools shall be destroyed.

Walk as the wise walk – Eph 5:15 – see how wise men and women walk and follow them.  Seek their counsel and learn wisdom.  He that walketh with wise men shall be wise [Prov 13:20].  Consider this.  Many of you haven’t lived long enough and haven’t learned enough Bible to be wise.  Thus, you could and should seek the counsel of Christians who have both the life experience and Bible wisdom to help you.  Yet, your associate pastor, who is the Sunday school teacher for the college and career class is rarely asked for counsel.  This is a sad situation.  He could really help you walk circumspectly.

Conclusion: we need to walk circumspectly now more than ever before.  Don’t neglect Paul’s instruction here.