What God Enlarges For Israel, Is 5:14

What God Enlarges For Israel Is 5: 14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In the Bible we find several references to the word “enlarge.”  A number of these references deal directly with Israel.  So, today we are going to see what God enlarges for Israel.  God enlarges:

The judgment of Israel – Is 5:14 – the Bible says, “Hell hath enlarged herself.”  Look at the context in Is 5:13-16.  This is God’s judgment against Israel.  Though God has chosen Israel as his people, the Lord has to enlarge hell for all those who rejected his words, who rejected his Son and who rejected him for idols.

The troubles of Israel – Ps 25:17 – this reference to David’s troubles is in the context of a passage about Israel’s troubles, particularly in the Tribulation [Ps 25:15-19].  In other words, before things get better for Israel, things are going to get much worse.  The time of Jacob’s trouble will be worse than anything man has ever seen.  During this time, the Antichrist’s world rule will be enlarged, as well [Hab 2:5].

The victories of Israel – Ps 18:36 – God enlarged David’s steps against his enemies.  However, when you study the context [Ps 18:36-42] you see that this passage is referring to the second coming of Jesus.  At Jesus’ second coming, he will destroy the enemies of Israel that have gathered themselves to destroy Jerusalem [Zech 14:1-4].  Israel will win the ultimate victory.

The joy of Israel – 1 Sam 2:1 – Hannah’s joy expressed in her song is a second advent song for Israel as they celebrate their victory over their enemies [see 1 Sam 2:10 and Is 60:5].  Israel will become the ruling nation of the world.

The borders of Israel – Ex 34:24 – the borders of Israel will be expanded all the way to the Euphrates River, in time [Gen 15:18, Deut 1:7-8, 2 Sam 8:3].  So, any discussions about a two-state solution are just fodder for war.  After Jesus returns, Israel will not only occupy all the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, they will occupy everything from the Mediterranean Sea and the River of Egypt to the Euphrates River.

Conclusion: some folks are pretty excited about the future prospects for Israel due to the recent news.  However, before things get better, they will get much worse.  And they must still accept Jesus as their Messiah and King.  When they do, they will have great victories, joy and possessions of land.