Military Advantages of the Philistines, 1 Sam 13-17-23

1 Sam 13:17-23 Military Advantages of the Philistines CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this passage we find some definite military advantages that the Philistines had.  They are:

Superior Troop Strength – 13:5 versus 13:15 – Israel was severely outnumbered and this was a tremendous advantage for the Philistines.

Logistics – v.17-18 – they sent spoilers out to the north, west and far west to rob and plunder the Jews in order supply their soldiers – excellent strategy since they could support  themselves for a longer period of time living off of the Jews’ supplies rather than their own.

Weapon Control – v.19-22 – they had all the smiths in the land of the Philistines so that the Philistines could keep the Jews from making weapons – gun control is not about protecting citizens; it is about protecting the government that controls the weapons – that is the intended purpose of gun control

Strategic Location – v.23 – Michmash was located north of Gibeah [v.15-16] and thus the Philistines had the advantage of history – the armies who attack from the north always have the “upper” hand – consider our Civil War and the world rulers of the Bible – each successive empire is further north than the one it replaces

Fortifications – v.23 – the Philistines had a garrison and thus a way to protect their soldiers – they could send out sentries – they could build bulwarks – they could dig trenches and so forth, thus securing their position and protecting their troops

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