You Can Publish the Word Ps 68:11

You Can Publish the Word Ps 68:11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Lord gave the word.  These are his words preserved in the King James Bible.  He gives them to us by inspiration [2 Tim 3:16] and we give them to others when we publish the word.  It is comforting to know that we are going a great company who publish the word.  You can publish the word by:

Tracts – Tracts are the easiest way to publish the word and they are very effective for the following reasons:

    • You can hand them to anyone.  You can place them on cars [if allowed].  You can distribute them at public events.  You can give them to neighbors, coworkers, family members, strangers, etc.
    • They are inexpensive.
    • With help, you can publish the word to thousands of people in a short period of time.
    • They are printed in multiple languages.
    • They are topical.
    • They can help open an opportunity to preach the gospel.

New Testaments – New Testaments are more expensive than tracts but they are also much more thorough.  They contain much more than the gospel.  So, a person can get saved and grow by reading and studying God’s word.  Our New Testaments have underlined verses dealing with salvation and some discipleship lessons.

Witnessing – Nothing beats a personal witness.  The beauty of witnessing is that you can publish the gospel over and over to the same person until he gets saved.

Public Ministry – Going out to a public place where you can legally and publicly preach the words of God is a very effective way to publish the words of God.  You get to preach to many people at once.

Preaching and Teaching – Every time you preach and teach the words of God, whether in church and Sunday school or in nursing homes and jails, you are publishing the words of God.

Giving – Faithfully attending a Local Church and giving to support the church’s ministries makes you part of a body of people who publish the word.  The church publishes the words of God by Radio, Television, Internet, CD’s, DVD’s, Mp3’s and so forth.  Your giving helps to publish the words though you are personally not involved in the distribution.  Giving to missions through your local church is the best way to publish the words of God world wide.

Conclusion: These are some of the best ways to publish the word.  The questions for you now are, “What are you doing to publish the word?” And “What are you going to do to publish the word?”