Praying Always Eph. 6:10

Praying Always Eph. 6:10 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We are a body of believers.  As such we all have something that we must do for the body.  We are “fitly joined together,” [Eph 4:16].  There is something “which every joint supplieth, according to the effectual working in the measure of every part.”

In talking to a young couple about getting involved in a ministry in the church, they said that all the positions were taken. That’s not so.  I’m going to show you one of the most effectual works in the ministry that you can do.  The need is as great as it has ever been.  The results of this work are limitless.

Eph 6:18-20.  The work is prayer.  We call the people who do this work Prayer Warriors, which is appropriate considering that the context of these verses is the whole armor of God.  You are a soldier for the Lord and your weapon is prayer.  Gen 32:24-28 Jacob wrestled in prayer and prevailed [Hos 12:3-5].  You use it to fight for God’s people [all saints].

As a prayer warrior you are praying:

Always – invariably, constantly, consistently.  We say, for example, “He is “always” smiling.”  You are always a soldier. Not an hour a day job.  Lk 2:36-37 Anna prayed night and day.  You are always on duty.  You’ll have some sleepless nights [Lk 6:12 all night].  Mk 1:35 Jesus rose a great while before day in order to pray.

In the Spirit – soldiers are under the command of their superiors. Your superior is the Spirit of God.  He intercedes Rom 8:26.  So, as you become better acquainted with his leadership, you know how to pray, for whom to pray, when to pray and what to pray.

Watching – you are attentive and vigilant, you keep guard.  That is, you do not have to wait until someone hands you a prayer request.  You are on the lookout and praying like a soldier on watch.  You may need to be awake at night.  Watching 2 Cor 11:27; Watch Matt 26:38, 40-41.  You might have to skip some meals. 2 Cor 11:27 fastings often. Matt 17:21 but by prayer and fasting.  El Buen Pastor Friday night prayer meetings each month.

With all perseverance – perseverance means continued effort to do or achieve something despite difficulties, failure or opposition.  Acts 12:12 you keep praying for the person or the thing until you get through. Like soldiers continuing the fight until they take the objective.

Conclusion: we need as many of you in this work as we can get.  Spugeon had 400 men in the boiler room and testified that they were the power behind his ministry.  Do we have any folks who want to enlist?