Magicians, Gen 41:8

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According to Webster’s New World Dictionary a magician is an expert in magic, a performer skilled in sleight of hand, illusions, etc.  Magic is the use of spells, charms, and rituals seeking or pretending to cause or control events to to govern certain natural or supernatural forces; occultism.  The art or performing skill of producing baffling effects or illusions by sleight of hand, concealed apparatus, etc.

We find magicians in the Bible, particularly in Egypt and Babylon, advising the kings.  A quick perusal through the references helps us to understand what they do and what their limitations are.  This study also helps us to see that they are still some around today, posing as wise men.

Looking at the references in chronological order we discover the following:

Magicians do not understand the things of God – Gen 41:8; 41:24 – God spoke to Pharaoh in two dreams [Num 12:6; Gen 31:10-11].  The magicians could not interpret the dreams.  It took God, revealing the interpretation to a man of God [Joseph], to interpret the dreams.

Magicians may imitate something supernatural but are powerless to perform the supernatural – Ex 7:11; 7:22; 8:7; 8:18-19; 9:11 – Moses and Aaron performed miracles in the sight of Pharaoh to prove that they were sent by God.  The magicians did things that appeared the same as what Moses and Aaron did.  But when Moses and Aaron made lice out of dust, an act of creation, the magicians were not able to do this.  They admitted that lice coming forth from dust was the finger of God.  As a matter of fact, when God made the boils come up, Israel was not affected.  But the magicians were affected just to show that they were not the miracle workers that they professed to be.

Magicians are worthless compared to men of God – Dan 1:20 – Magicians cannot interpret the words of God [Dan 2:2; 2:10; 2:27; 4:7; 5:11].  Only a man of God can do that.  And the words of God are the true words of prophecy; not the words of conjecture proposed by a magician.  Magicians today have manufactured global warming [now called climate change] and have cited carbon emissions as the culprit, in order to attack the oil industry.  In fact, the earth will heat up [Rev 16:8-9] dramatically.  But the cause will not be a manufactured crisis called climate change.  The cause will be the pollution of sin, not the pollution of carbon emissions.

Magicians oppose the words of God and withstand men of God – Jannes and Jambres 2 Tim 3:8-9.  They resist the truth.  They have corrupt minds.  They are reprobate concerning the faith.  And their folly shall be manifest unto all men.  They are ever learning and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth [2 Tim 3:7].  Evolution is just such magic.  Using evolution to explain the origin of man is not science; it is the magic o baffling effects and illusion.  It is simply offered in opposition to the words of God.  It is science falsely so called [1 Tim 6:20].

Conclusion: realize that much of what passes for science today, used to advise world rulers on policy, is not science; it is like the magic that was used in Egypt and Babylon before kings.  World rulers would be far better off following the Bible than they would this magic.