My Dearly Beloved Son II Tim. 1:1-12

My Dearly Beloved Son II Tim. 1:1-12 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Paul considered Timothy his son.  Paul didn’t have one.  Their relationship was as close as a father to a son.  When Paul speaks of the faith of Timothy’s mother and grandmother [1:5] it appears that his father wasn’t saved.  So Paul is his spiritual father.

Paul starts with the salutation.  His apostleship was by the will of God; not of man like the Charismatic and Catholic apostolic succession.  His apostleship was according to the promise of life in Christ Jesus [Titus 1:2; 1 Jn 5:20; 1 Jn 5:12].  Therefore, it was for the furtherance of the gospel through which we have eternal life rather than for political control or for the advancement of his ministry through the promotion of sign gifts.

Paul remembers some things about Timothy and never forgets to pray for him concerning these things [1:3].  He remembers Timothy’s:

  • Tears – 1:4 great love for each other.  Paul is a prisoner on his way out this time [4:6].  So, there is a sorrow like Phil 2:27.  Paul is hoping to see him [greatly desiring] before he dies [4:9].
  • Unfeigned faith – 1:5 this is the faith of the forefathers [1:3, Heb 11] which was also in Lois and Eunice and taught to Timothy [3:15].  He knew by that faith that Timothy would continue on in the work after Paul died.
  • Gift of God – 1:6 – Paul imparted a spiritual gift to Timothy at his ordination [Rom 12:6-8; 1 Cor 12:4-11].  Paul told him to stir up the gift [1 Tim 4:14].

Next, Paul encouraged Timothy in his friendship and association with Paul.  Everyone else was distancing themselves from Paul [1:15; 4:11; 4:16-17]. The cost of preaching the gospel was high [martyrdom].  He wanted Timothy to keep preaching the gospel just like he’d seen Paul preach and stand despite the temptation to cower.  He admonished Timothy against three things that might cause him to quit:

  • Fear – 1:7 – fear didn’t come from God.  God encouraged Joshua and Jeremiah against this fear.  See David [Ps 56:3, 11].  Instead God gives us power [Ps 71:16; Eph 6:10], love [God, his words, the brethren] and a sound mind [1 Cor 2:16].  When afraid you can’t think clearly.
  • Shame – not ashamed of the Lord’s testimony [Gal 5:11, the offense of the cross]. Not ashamed of Paul’s testimony.  Paul was not ashamed [1:12; Rom 1:16].
  • Afflictions – persecution for preaching the gospel.  The ministry is hard [2:3].  See Paul’s afflictions [2 Cor 11:23-30].  Handle afflictions by the power of God [1:12 he is able].

Paul encouraged Timothy to preach the gospel despite these three because:

  • That’s Our calling – 1:9 [1:11]
  • That’s His purpose – 1:9 and the grace by which we fulfill his purpose is in Christ Jesus.  He set that up from the beginning.  It wasn’t an after-thought.
  • That’s why Christ came – 1:10 – he abolished death, he brought life and immortality to light.  Thus, we must preach the gospel that others might know.

Conclusion: Paul was particularly concerned that his dearly beloved son would continue preaching the gospel as Paul had, without faltering.  You can see throughout church history men who continued in the same faith, preaching without fear and without being ashamed of the gospel, preaching in the power of God and fulfilling his calling.