But He Was a Leper II Kings 5:1-15

But He Was A Leper II Kings 5:1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

2 Kings 5:1-15

Naaman was a leper. Leprosy in the Bible is a typology of sin. We are all Naaman’s, because we all have sin. Christian, your leprosy is not terminal anymore because of you receiving Jesus Christ’s righteousness at salvation. To the Lost, your leprosy is not only terminal, but has eternal consequences. This account of Naaman’s efforts to recover his leprosy has many truths about our misconceptions about the problem, process, and purpose of our leprosy.

The Problem

Verse 11 – “Behold I thought”    Misconceptions

Verse 15 – “Behold now I know ”              End Result

My prayer is that You leave here today with no misconceptions

The Process

Verse 1 – Because of God’s blessing, not really a big problem!

  • Christian, [Ecc.8:11]
  • Lost believes, no judgment, more good than bad, etc., and no problem at this time.

Verses 2-7 – Go to the wrong King

  • Christians and self-help books, etc.
  • Lost seek out the feel-good things of the world (something is missing)

Verses 8-10 – Given God’s Instructions

  • Christians usually (verse11) get wroth and go away, when we don’t like the instructions
  • Lost think its foolishness [1 Cor. 1:18-21]

Verses 11-12 – Ritual was expected

  • Christians, sin, guilt, repent, sin, guilt, repent – a ritual, not the way God intends for you to live
  • Lost expects religion, must do good, works

Verses 13-14 – Humbled himself and obeyed

  • Finally, at a point where he hated his leprosy enough to do whatever it takes
  • To dip seven times must have been humbling.

The Purpose

He “thought” it was all about removing the leprosy

The Purpose was for him to Know God, verse 8, 15

The Purpose of this massage today is do you Know to get to God for instructions, humble yourself and obey, then God will take care of the leprosy.