What Is Truth? John 18:38

Jn 18:38 What Is Truth CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Pilate asked Jesus, “What is truth?”  That is a profound question but he didn’t stick around for the answer.  The Bible shows us the answer is:

Jesus Christ [Jn 14:6].

God’s word [Jn 17:17].

God’s Holy Spirit [1 Jn 5:6; Jn 16:13].

The Bible also shows us that the devil is not true [Jn 8:44].  He perverts God’s words and God’s Spirit to appeal to man’s pride and then condemn him [Gen 3:5; 1 Tim 3:6].

The devil counterfeits God’s Son, God’s word and God’s Spirit to get people to follow him.  He also uses men to attack the true Jesus, the true Bible and the true Holy Spirit.  The devil has led men to:

Change the truth of God into a lie [Rom 1:25].  They teach a counterfeit origin. They teach evolution. They teach that we got here without God, therefore, we are not accountable to God.  And look at the terrible sin and condemnation that results.

Handle the word of God deceitfully [2 Cor 4:2].  They preach themselves [2 Cor 4:5] and their religions.  They use the Bible to deceive you and to promote their religions, not the gospel.  The Mormons say that the spirit will tell you that the Book of Mormon is the word of God.  That’s not the Holy Spirit.  The Jehovah’s Witnesses use the NWT.  That’s not the Bible.

Speak evil of the way of truth [2 Pet 2:1-3]. And many follow their pernicious ways.  The way of truth in English is the King James Bible.  They speak evil of King James Bible believers as bigoted and narrow minded.  Many follow the way of the scholars who are covetous.  They are just like the Pharisees who were covetous and who spoke evil of Jesus Christ [Lk 16:14-15].

Try to get you to not obey the truth [Gal 3:1; 5:7].  They preach a counterfeit gospel involving works.  Many perversions of the gospel involve works to get saved or to stay saved.  These are not the true gospel.

Conclusion: You stand against these attacks by having your loins girt about with [Eph 6:14] and by walking in truth [3 Jn 4].  True salvation is in Jesus Christ.  The true words are God’s words.  And the true Spirit of God guides you into truth.  Men die and go to hell because [2 Thes 2:10, 12] they refuse to believe the truth.