How to get your Bible to come Alive

How to get your Bible to come Alive

Heb. 4:12

It is alive, the problem is you. There are times in our fellowship with the Lord, through his word, that the Bible is alive and the words jump off the page, and there are times that our Bible reading is dead. The problem is with us, not God’s word. What are some things that we can do to make that word come alive again?

Pray [Ps.119:18]

  • Lord, open mine eyes!
  • The world is great at putting blinders on us. There are so many other things to occupy our attention. Once you have made the effort to read your Bible, stop and ask the Lord to open your eyes so that you can see the wondrous things in the book!
  • [2 Kings 6:8-17] the Lord opened Elisha’s servant’s eyes so he could see. I believe he will give you a peek each time you ask him.

Obey [Ps.119:1-8]

  • The greatest chapter in your Bible on the word of God begins with a charge to obedience!
  • If you want your Bible to come alive, start by obeying the parts you already know.
  • Disobedience hinders your communication with God, [Isa.59:1-4]

Seek God’s Help [Ps.119:176]

  • Is there a Principle I need to Learn or re-learn?
    • [Prov.1:1-6] Proverbs is a very good resource to general principles you need in your daily walk, many you may need to re-learn.
    • Reading a Proverb a day, and asking God to show you something, will reap a Bible that is alive. (Prov.6:1-5, “make sure thy friend” came alive to me one day when I really needed it.)
  • Is there an Evil I need to avoid?
    • [Ps.139:23-24] You have a personal relationship with your Father, get with him and he will gladly show you any evil in your life.
    • The Bible is full of examples of men and their actions, we usually can see their sin far easier than seeing ours!
  • Is there a Blessing I can Enjoy?
    • Count your many blessings, name them one by one”, many reasons to be thankful.
    • Many promises that you can claim:
      • Salvation, [Jn.3:16] [Jn.10:28-29]
      • Strength, [Phil.4:13] [Eph.6:10]
      • Security, [Ps.4:8] [Prov.21:31]
      • Sanctification, [Phil.1:6] [2 Tim.1:12]
    • Is there a New Thought that I can carry with me Today?
      • [Rom.12:1-2] part of our walk with the Lord includes “renewing of your mind’, there are many new thoughts that you can get in you Bible reading that you can “think on” or “meditate” on.
      • [Phil.4:8] Think on these things…
      • [Ps.119:15] when you meditate on something, you will have respect for it.
      • [Ps.119:48] meditating on God’s word shows love for it.

Do you want your Bible to come alive? Start by obeying the parts you already know, then pray and seek his help when you read. You Father wants to communicate and have good fellowship with you, and it starts with you, Him, and the Book!