Noahs Ark a Type of Christ Gen. 6-8

Gen 6-8 Noah’s Ark a Type of Christ CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Noahs ark is a type of the Lord Jesus Christ.  In other words, you can see characteristics of Jesus in the ark.  Here are the particulars.  Noahs ark is a type of Jesus Christ because:

It’s made of wood – Gen 6:14 – Living organisms (trees) had to die to save Noah’s life. Jesus had to die to save us [see Rom 5:10].

It has three stories – Gen 6:16 – There are three heavens. Jesus is in the third heaven [see 2 Cor 12:1-4].

It has a window above – Gen 6:16 – There are windows in heaven where Jesus is [see Gen 8:2; SOS 2:9].

It has a door – Gen 6:16 – Jesus is the door [see Jn 10:7-9].  The door was the only way into the ark and Jesus is the only way into heaven.

Noah’s family went in – Gen 6:18 – The Philippian jailor was promised that he and his “house” would be saved by Jesus [see Acts 16:30-31].  Often when a person gets saved, eventually his family members get saved, too.

They had enough food – Gen 6:21 – Jesus is our bread and supplies all our need [See Jn 6:35; Phil 4:19].

They were “in” the ark – Gen 7:7 – You must be “in” Christ to be alive [see Rom 8:1].

They forsook the world – Gen 7:7 – We die to the world in Christ [see Rom 6:4-7; Mk 8:35-38].

The Lord shut him in – Gen 7:16 – We are sealed in Christ by the Holy Spirit [see Eph 1:13; Eph 4:30].

They were lifted up above the earth – Gen 7:17 – We will be lifted up above the earth at the rapture [see 1 Thes 4:13-18].

The ark rested – Gen 8:4 – The Lord gives us rest and we have our eternal rest with him in heaven [see Matt 11:28; Heb 4:9-10].

The dove returned to Noah – Gen 8:9 – We return to the Lord at the rapture; the dove pictures the church [see 1 Thes 4:13-18; SOS 6:9].

Conclusion: studying types is interesting because you learn more about the thing or the person that is typified and you appreciate the Old Testament more.  It is interesting to see that Noahs ark is a type of Christ.