Love Mothers Prov. 31:28

Love Mothers Prov. 31:28 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Mothers are very special.  Why do we call them blessed?  Why do we praise them?  We call you blessed and we praise you because mothers:

Nearly die to bring us into this world – 1 Sam 4:19-21 – when Phineas’ wife bare Ichabod, the Bible says, “about the time of her death, the women that stood by her said unto her, Fear not; for thou hast born a son.”  E. V. Hill said of his wife when their daughter was born, “She went to death’s door to bring her into this world.”  They didn’t die.  But Rachel died when Benjamin was born.  With medicine, you may not feel the pain, but your body goes through the experience nevertheless.  In some ways, this is like Jesus Christ who died that we might live.  The result is a special bond of love between mothers and their children.

Nurse us when we’re babies – 1 Sam 1:22 – babies need milk after they are born.  Nursing creates a bond between mothers and their babies.  This is the first nurture, affection, satisfaction and safety that babies sense.  The result is a child’s bond of love for his/her mother.

Teach us when we’re young – 2 Tim 1:5; 2 Tim 3:15 – speaking, reading, homeschool, homework, and faith generally involve Mom.  Anne taught our children.  Mothers make excellent children’s Sunday school teachers.

Tend to us when we’re sick – 2 Ki 4:19 – “Carry him to his mother.”  It is much better for a man to be sick and to be nursed by his wife than it is for a wife to be sick and expect to be nursed by her husband.

Pray for us when we’re grown – Jud 5:28; Jn 19:25-27 – all those illustrations of mothers praying for their sons in time of danger. And, oh, the children who are not saved or who are not right with God.  If you aren’t praying, begin.  A deacon’s wife was concerned that her sons had not gotten saved during an evangelistic meeting when many others were being saved.  The preacher said, “the boys are not saved because the mother has no burden for them.”  She was awake all night praying for them.  Next day they were saved.  One mother prayed for her son for 60 years and he was saved one week before she died.

Suffer with us when we die – Lk 2:35; Lk 7:11-16 – “a sword shall pierce through thy own soul also.”  The grief a mother experiences when her child dies is unlike anything anyone else can experience.  Labor pains end with the birth of her child but the grief of death never goes away.  She feels it for the rest of her life.

Conclusion: after seeing these things about mothers, we have a much better appreciation for you and truly bless you and praise you as mothers [Prov 31:28].