God Didn’t Tell You That! Who Persuaded You?

God Didn’t Tell You That! Who Persuaded You?


As Christians, we must be very careful when we profess that God told me this or that, or God is totally blessing a decision I have made. We can and are persuaded to not to obey the truth easily. There are many reasons that we head down the wrong path, let’s look at a few.


 by False Doctrine

  • [Gal.3:1] They had been bewitched by a false doctrine
  • [Gal.5:9-12] It just takes a small amount to affect you
  • [2Cor.6:14-18] We need to have separation from them that trouble you


 by False Prophets

  • [1Kings 13:1-24] Wow, this un-named prophet was following God’s will word for word, but was persuaded to stop and follow what another man said.


 by Family

  • [Gen.27:1-20] Jacob included God in his lie, while being persuaded by his mother plot.


 by Friends

  • [2Sam.13:3] Amnon had a friend, and wow his council was deadly


 by Flesh

  • [Acts 21:10-14] Even Paul, because of his desires (flesh) could not be persuaded to listen to God
  • [Acts 20:21-23] [Acts 21:4] Warned multiple times not to go to Jerusalem.


[2 Tim.1:12] The Persuasion You Must Have

  • Believe and be persuaded that God IS ABLE! Is there anything that God is not able to handle for you?
  • He will KEEP that which I HAVE COMMITED To HIM
  • Can you give it all to God and believe that He is able to keep the things that you have committed to Him? Or do you keep trying to control everything?