The Simplicity of Prayer II Cor. 11:1-3

The Simplicity of Prayer II Cor. 11:1-3. CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Bear with me, many of us get corrupted, and leave the simplicity in Christ. Tonight’s subject is Prayer, and if corrupted, we must get back to its simplicity. I am as guilty as others that fall into the ritual of Wednesday night prayer meeting.  Ps.46:10 “Be still and know that I am God”, sometimes we need to be still…, and get back to basics.

The Purpose of prayer is to get the thing asked for!

  1. A baby cries for milk! Or to be changed from a dirty diaper! (No training required)
  2. What are the things that you need? Pray for those!
  3. Your father knows what you need [Matt.6:8] before you ask!
  4. When you ask, you acknowledge who he is!
  5. My daughters learned to speak because we required it, we knew what they needed before they asked. It was a help to them, and a burden to us to require them to learn
  6. The time we live in, [Rev.3:17] “we have need of nothing…}”, God knows better.

Prayer is NOT a religions practice or motion, or ritual!

  1. [Matt.6:1-6] Not for a performance, or show
  2. Not a task that proves you are a Christian
  3. Not to be judged by others! Quality as judged by man is worthless!
  4. The sincerity of a sinner’s prayer for salvation, wow! That prayer is to get the thing asked for!

  M. Bounds Quotation

Prayer is the helpless and needy child crying to the compassion of the Fathers heart and the bounty and power of a Fathers hand. Get there and change your prayer life!


  1. The object of asking is to receive
  2. The aim of seeking is to find
  3. The purpose of knocking is to arouse attention and Get In.
  4. Jesus promises success!
  5. I asked my father for a pickup truck when I was a teen ager. He was the only one that I believed could help me with my request. He did! He did! He told me to get a job and earn the money and buy whatever truck I could afford! Then he helped me get that job, and select that truck. Request granted, yet not the way I expected.
  6. God will answer your prayer, maybe not as you expect.

The Value of prayer:

  1. [Matt.6:7] is NOT in the length or numbers of
  2. The value of prayer is that we are privileged by our relationship with God to unburden our desires and make our request know to Him, not the specific answer.
  3. [Phil. 1:1-4] the value of JOY. It is an extreme joy to see and have a part in answered prayer for others!
  4. [Phil.4:6-7] the value of PEACE. Every time I take my need to the lord, I receive that peace that passes all understanding.
  5. [Heb.4:16] the value of MERCY and GRACE! Your father has the storeroom of all storerooms of Mercy and Grace and wants you to have it!