The Blessing of Giving

The Blessing of Giving

Acts 20:35

It is more blessed to give than to receive. This is a great truth of your Bible. Just like many truths in your Bible you must, by faith, step out and do it. Some folks are naturally better at giving than others. Some folks just want the receiving part of this process. God loveth a cheerful giver, let’s look at the blessing of giving.

My wife, bless her heart, is a confirmed “people pleaser”. She knows that it pleases people to receive gifts. She is a natural giver. She will testify to anyone that is truly more blessed to give than receive! The size or amount of the gift has no weight to the blessing that she receives by giving, she just loves to give.

Have you ever been blessed when you got someone just the perfect gift, you knew it and they knew it? Didn’t that experience make you want to do it some more? It really ought to be natural to want to give to someone that you love. That is a great place to practice this truth, and prove the sincerity of your love, [2Cor.8:8].

It is a blessing to give to the needy. [Eph.4:28] The Lord wants us to work so that we may have to give to him that needth. God uses men to bless you, [Luk.6:38] so it just makes sense that God wants to use you to bless others.

What do you give to someone that has everything?                                                                                                    (The Lord owns the cattle upon a thousand hills, Ps.50:10)

  1. Something that you made!
    1. It is one of a kind, and they can’t get it anywhere else.
    2. It shows how much thought you put into it.

Gift Ideas:

  • Make time to serve Him
  • Make time to read His Bible
  • Make time to pray
  • Make time to be at church


  1. Something that you sacrificed for!
    1. He surely gave you something he sacrificed for!
    2. It is the greatest gift of all! [Jn.3:16]

Gift Ideas:

  • Sacrifice some of your cash!
  • Sacrifice some of you Sleep!
  • Sacrifice some of you Pleasure!
  • [Rom.12:1-2] Present yourself a living sacrifice!