King Saul of Israel, 1 Sam 10:17-27

1 Sam 10:17-27 Saul, the King of Israel CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In 1 Sam 10:17-27, concerning King Saul of Israel, we find some very interesting truths regarding the relationship between Israel and God.  Basically, Israel rejected God and asked for a man, instead, to lead them and to fight for them.  There are some sobering truths throughout this passage of scripture that we can glean from Israel’s choice.

They rejected the Lord – look what God had done for them:

  • God brought them up out of Egypt.
  • Pharaoh, a man, had them in slavery and was killing their babies.
  • Moses, a man of God, led them, but they complained about him the whole way.
  • God delivered them out of the hand of the Egyptians.
  • God drowned the Egyptians’ chariots in the Red  Sea.
  • God delivered them out of all kingdoms.
  • God delivered them out of the hand of all that oppressed them.
  • God saved them out of all of their adversity and tribulation.

They demanded a king

  • They demanded God to set a king over them.
  • They shouted “God save the king,” when they saw King Saul.
  • They would holler “Crucify him” in time to come.
  • They would choose Caesar, a man, over Jesus, who was God manifest in the flesh.

They reaped the obvious results

  • They were fooled by King Saul’s outward appearance [1 Sam 16:7].  He had an appealing countenance like Absalom.  They were more confident in following a man they could see rather than the Lord whom they could not see.  God is obviously much more powerful than King Saul.  Here is a prophetic application.  Israel will reject the Lord in the Tribulation and choose a man, the antichrist.  They will give him the throne and be impressed by his lying wonders [2 Thes 2:9].
  • They hardened themselves and rejected the Lord even after hearing the rebuke by the Lord.  A preacher said, “light rejected becomes lightning.” They desired King Saul even though Samuel told them the manner of the kingdom [1 Sam 8:10-18].  This is like what we have seen in the USA. With the choice of your man over God’s man, you get apostasy, immorality, liberality, and financial irresponsibility.
  • The Lord didn’t want the king.  Saul, at first, didn’t want to be the king.  He hid.  That should have been a clue.
  • The Lord chose the man for them and he turned out to be a perfect type of the antichrist.  The Lord will give you the leader you desire, but you may regret the choice in time.  He gives you the one you want, not the one you should have.  Despite this, God chose a good man and gave him a band of men.
  • Yet the men of Belial didn’t want King Saul.  Nevertheless, Saul handled the slight from the men of Belial, graciously.  This grace wouldn’t last when David came around.  Saul would begin to take things, personally, as do most leaders.

Conclusion: the choice of King Saul over the Lord turned out to be a bad choice for Israel.  The choice of Caesar over Jesus Christ turned out to be a bad choice for Israel.  And the coming choice of the antichrist over the Lord Christ will be a bad choice for Israel.  Eventually, God will be their king again and then Israel will go into eternity as the leading nation of the world.  But not until then.