Vision Prov. 29:18

Vision Prov. 29:18 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Often the word vision in the Bible is a reference to something perceived in a dream or something supernaturally revealed to a prophet.  According to Prov 29:18, the law is “vision” for us and those who keep the law are happy.  We find the law revealed to Israel in Ex 20.  Based on what we read there, you are happiest when you can see [vision]:

God for who he really is – the law allows you to see God as he really is.  He is the only one.  There is no image that accurately portrays him.  Anything that obscures his image in your heart and mind is to be removed, lest it be worshipped.  He is merciful but he is also jealous and takes vengeance on those who hate him.  He is to be loved and feared, not blasphemed.  We are to take rest as he rested and worship him in that rest.  You get along better with God when you know him and know what he expects.

Others for who they are – they are God’s offspring.  And yet I may desire to kill them [Matt 5:22; 1 Jn 3:15], envy them, cheat them, steal from them, lie to them and commit adultery with them [Matt 5:28].  But because I have the law for my vision I’m not going to do that to any of them.  This vision compels me to love them instead.  And you get along much better with others when you love them rather than when you hate them.

Yourself for who you are – I need God. I need regulation. I need to be obedient to my parents.  I need rules governing me and my relations to others.  I am a lying, cheating, stealing, etc. no good, sorry dog [Rom 7:18].  If I live by these laws, though, I can be content and not covetous.  When I can love rather than abuse others, I’m a happier person.

Conclusion: we know that the law is our schoolmaster to bring us to Christ. Today, we have Christ and the fulfilled righteousness of the law in his righteousness given to us at salvation.  So, we don’t keep the law for our righteousness but the law gives us vision.  A lost man who trusts Christ to keep from perishing [Prov 29:18; Jn 3:16] will slowly gain a proper vision of God, others and himself.  As he does his life will be happier.