Add Thou Not Unto His Words Prov. 30: 5-6

Add Thou Not Unto His Words Prov. 30: 5-6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The words of God stand alone as God’s authority in our lives and as God’s wisdom for our lives.  As long as you read what God said, believe what God said, receive what God said and live by what God said, you’ll be okay.  You get in trouble when you take what God said and then add something to it.  When you add to God’s words to govern your life, you’ll be found a liar.  Here are some things from Col 2:8 that men have added to God’s words.  Add thou not:

Philosophy – You can combine certain models and plans for church growth with 1 Cor 3:6 to grow a larger church but it won’t be a church in which God has given the increase. You can combine soul winning plans and programs with Acts 1:8 and 2 Tim 1:8 to win more souls to Christ but they won’t all be saved.  You can add Christian rock and unscriptural contemporary music to Eph 5:19 in hopes of retaining young people and attracting lost people but you will only end up with more people in a worldly church and you will never recover their lost spirituality.

Vain deceit – You can combine reaching out to a prodigal or sheltering a prodigal with Lk 15:11-24 in hopes of preventing him or her from hurting himself or herself, but you will only hurt him or her and yourself worse.  You can combine a variety of ways to manipulate others with 1 Tim 2:1 in order to fix or change other people, but you will never fix them or change them and you’ll get in God’s way.  You can add the expectation of reciprocal love to 1 Jn 4:7 but it is vain to think that you can make another person love you in return for your love [2 Cor 12:15].  You can add thinking about and mulling over a thing in your mind to Prov 16:9 but all that thinking won’t lead you to the right response to a problem or the right plan and direction for your life.  You can add to Prov 16:20 the expectation that it is the duty of others to make you happy and you will be sorely disappointed most of the time.  You can add to Ps 119:105 a voice from God and, at some point, when you are dependent upon that voice for direction, you will wind up in the biggest mess you have ever seen.

Tradition – You can add tight standards to 2 Pet 1:3-7 in order to produce clean looking youth and end up with a bunch of Pharisees till they are grown and a bunch of empty seats after they leave, instead.  You can add unscriptural pastoral control to 1 Pet 5:1-4 in order to maintain the flock and wind up with only your disgruntled family and a hand full of people to pastor.  You can add the doctrine of men to 2 Tim 2:15 in order to prove your loyalty to the men who trained you or to be approved by the camp whose approval you seek and end up not shewing “thyself approved unto God.”

Rudiments of the world – You can add dating around to Prov 18:22 in order find the spouse of your dreams and wind up in a nightmare.  You can add getting a college education and finding a high-paying job to Jos 1:8 in order to be successful and wind up being a total failure in life.

Conclusion: Don’t add anything to the words of God.  Go with what God said rather than with what you are adding to what he said.  Because whatever you are adding is what you will end up following.  Forget adding anything to God’s words.  Start doing what he said and watch how his words always work out the right way.