Rebuild Your Wall, Neh 1:6

Rebuild Your Wall Neh. 1:6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you have no rule over your own spirit, you are like a city that is broken down and without walls [Prov 25:28].  You must rebuild your wall. Many of us have seen our lives like a broken down city and one without walls.  Everything and anything gets to us.  Our lives just become a total wreck.

When you find yourself like that, you have no power to fight and no power to rebuild.  Yet, you need to rebuild your wall and rebuild your city.  Inside of Jerusalem was the temple which was rebuilt in the book of Ezra.  Likewise, your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and you need to rebuild.  It takes a tremendous amount of effort to rebuild your wall once it has fallen down and to strengthen your city once it is broken down.  But you can do it.  In rebuilding the wall:

You must realize why the wall fell – Neh 1:6-7 – you must see your sin and your contribution to the mess your life is in.  God’s not to blame and neither is anyone else.  If you convince yourself that someone else is to blame you will wait around for them to fix it.  And by now, you ought to know that will never happen.  It hasn’t happened yet.  You broke it down and you must rebuild it.

You must determine that you’ll rebuild it – Neh 2:5 – if you don’t resolve to rebuild your wall and your life, you will never really get started and you will certainly give up before you are through.  Many people see the need but never resolve to deal with the need.  So, nothing ever gets finished.  There are just a few weak starts now and then.

You must assess the damage to the wall – Neh 2:13-15 – to rebuild your wall you must see where the damage is.  You must address the specific areas of weakness.  That takes some real soul searching.  With God’s help you can locate every place that needs to be repaired [Ps 139:23-24].

You must get help where you need it – Neh 2:17-18 – God has blessed you with a good spouse or a really good friend.  They can help you rebuild your wall.  They will point out when you are trying to rebuild your wall with poor construction methods and you must trust them.  They are telling you the truth even when you don’t want to believe them.  Remember that they are not emotionally involved in the reconstruction of your life and so they are more objective when they point out deficiencies in your rebuilding program.

You must resist the gainsayers – Neh 2:19-20 – there will always be people who will oppose your attempt to rebuild your wall because they will no longer have easy access to you.  Children, parents, siblings and the like have enjoyed free and unencumbered access to your life because your wall has been down.  As soon as you put it up, they will have to change, if they are going to try to get to you.  Take, for instance, a person who has manipulated you with anger or ridicule.  As soon as your wall is strong, they can no longer trouble you.  They will have to deal with you in a completely different way.  Or they may leave you alone.

You must have a mind to work – Neh 4:6 – to rebuild your wall and your city sometimes takes years. In the meantime, it is easy to get discouraged.  If you have a mind to work, you will stick with it, despite the difficulty of the task.  It takes lots of continual work to rebuild your wall and your city.

You must deal with the rubbish – Neh 4:10 – there’s usually a lot of “baggage” in your life to deal with.  And much of it is going back into the wall you are building [Neh 4:2].  In other words, the city is still your life and the people in your life are still in your life after you are through.  Much of your troubled past has to do with these folks.  So, your wall is partly rebuilt from the things you learn from your past.  You can’t let those things get you down.  You use them to grow stronger.

With God’s help you will finish the wall – Neh 6:15-16 – pray every day that God will help you rebuild your life and clean up the messes that you made in your past.  By constantly relying upon the Lord’s strength and wisdom, through prayer, Bible, preaching and teaching, your wall and city will be rebuilt and fortified.  God works miracles in the lives of those who depend upon him to rebuild their walls and cities.

Conclusion: you do not need to live the rest of your life broken down and defenseless.  Your life does not need to remain in the mess it’s in right now.  Rebuild your wall and rebuild your city. With the help of God, you can get your life back in order if you will follow Nehemiah’s method of rebuilding the wall.