Open My Eyes Ps.119:18

Open My Eyes Ps. 119:18 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The Psalmist prayed to the Lord, “Open thou mine eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of thy law.”  That’s an excellent prayer.  You should pray, Lord, open my eyes, when you read your Bible.  When the Lord opens your eyes, you see:

Things you couldn’t have understood – God has some secret things [Deut 29:29]. When you pray, Lord, open my eyes, and he opens them, you’re going to get what he reveals to you.  The rest is his secret.  Notice in Prov 25:2, it is the glory of God to conceal a thing.  Yet it is the honor of kings to search out a matter.  When kings [Rev 1:5] search the scriptures [Acts 17:11] they find the things that the Lord wants to reveal to them [Lk 10:21; 1 Cor 2:9-10].  If the Lord would open the eyes of Israel, they would understand who Jesus is and they would believe in him and be saved [Is 6:9, Rom 11:25].  But he won’t yet, because of their unbelief.

Things you couldn’t have seen – 2 Ki 6:16-17 – Elisha’s servant saw horses and chariots of fire after the Lord opened his eyes [see also Gen 21:19; Num 22:31].  The servant couldn’t see them but the horses and chariots were there.  He saw them when his eyes were opened.  He could have believed the words of Elisha and known they were there. Faith will open your eyes.  In Lk 24:16, the eyes of the disciples were holden.  In Lk 24:25-32, when the Lord opened their understanding to the scriptures then they knew who Jesus was.  Can you see the connection between believing and having your eyes opened?  The Lord opening your understanding by faith [Lk 24:45] is likened to having your spiritual eyes enlightened [Eph 1:16-18].  Naturally, our eyes are opened to darkness because of sin [Gen 3:5-7]; they are not opened to light [Acts 26:17-18].  Yet, according to Heb 11:1, when we believe what we read in the scriptures we have substance and we have evidence.  It takes faith to “see” what you are hoping for and to have the evidence of the unseen.

Conclusion: When you read the Bible pray, Lord, open my eyes, so that he can show you the things he wants you to see when you search the scriptures.