Effectual Prayer James 5:16b

Effectual Prayer James 5:16b CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

 Effectual prayer has adequate power or force to produce the intended effect. Ultimately God decides how and when prayers are answered. Our hearts desire is to make our petitions known and heard of God, [ 1Jn.5:11-15] and to be effectual as possible. Many things hinder effectual prayer, [Ps.66:16-20], as the Psalmist was aware of.

In this lesson, let’s look at two areas that we must learn or be reminded of, so that we can truly be effectual in our prayers.

Sincerity   [Phil. 1:10]  (Free from hypocrisy, disguise or false pretense)

  • [Ps.139:23-24] No prayer can avail (to be of use or advantage) with a heart-searching God, unless it is sincere! God knows your heart!

      [Mark 12:38-40] Long prayers for the appearance not effectualness, length vs. sincerity, Peter was sincere [ Matthew 14:30]
But when he saw the wind boisterous, he was afraid; and beginning to sink, he cried, saying, Lord, save me.” Not much length, but totally sincere!


  • [Ps.17:1] Nothing fake, no hypocrisy. Sometimes we ask amiss [James 4:3]. Many times people come to me asking for prayer, but already knowing what they want God to do. So they are trying to gather a posy to convince God on their behalf, asking amiss, no sincerely desiring God’s will.


  • [Luke 18:9-14] Jesus is speaking to hypocrites. The publican knew he was fooling no one, especially God. That is how we should come to God in prayer.


  • [ 1 Pet.2:2] “ As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the word, that ye may grow thereby:” If we are imputing “ the sincere milk of the word” what should be coming out? As for computers, garbage in, garbage out. The result of feasting on the sincere milk of the word should be sincerity with God.


Steadfastness   [1Cor.15:58]       (Firmness of mind or purpose, committed)

  • [Luke 18:1-8] The incorrect conclusion to this parable, that God is as the unjust judge, so keep on pestering him till he gives in. The correct conclusion to this parable is the fact that if an ungodly judge will attend to repeated request, our faithful God shall surely answer your prayer, just don’t faint or give up, stand

fast. But it takes Faith.


Mueller Prayed for 5 Friends

George Mueller said that, in 1844, five individuals were laid on his heart. He began to pray for them. Eighteen months passed away before one of them was converted. He prayed on for five years more, and another was converted. At the end of twelve-and-a-half years, a third was converted. And forty years later he was still praying for the other two, without missing one single day on any account whatever. But they were not yet converted. He felt encouraged, however, to continue in prayer. He was sure of receiving an answer in relation to the two who were still resisting the Spirit.  It takes Faith to be steadfast  in prayer.



  • [Luke 11:1,5-10] Importunity, a pressing urgent request. Many times prayer request are texted to some faithful members of our church for urgent needs. Steadfastness is a required component. These folks are depending on your commitment to pray on their behalf. Has anyone ever asked you to pray for them and you forgot?

Many things hinder our prayer from being effectual. If we could just be sincere and steadfast, I believe we would see great advances in the fruit of our prayers. Why not start tonight?