Holy, Ex 3:5


The first time that the word “holy” appears in the Bible is in Ex 3:5. The place where Moses was standing was holy ground.  Today we are going to study this word in some of its contexts because of its significance in our lives.

The mountain of God is Holy – Ex 3:5 – that’s because God was there. It was the mountain of God [Mal 4:4 Horeb, Ex 19:18-20 Sinai].  The Lord’s presence there.  Therefore, the ground was to be undefiled by Moses.

God is Holy – Rev 4:8 – God is perfectly righteous, sinless, pure, and undefiled.  Imagine our pride and blasphemy in taking his name in vain.  God is separate from sinners.

Jesus is Holy – Lk 1:35; Acts 2:27; Acts 4:27 – He’s God, sinless, righteous, perfect, and undefiled [Heb 7:26].  He is separate from sinners.

The Spirit of God is Holy – Lk 1:35; Acts 1:8 – He’s God.  And he is pure and undefiled.  Imagine the grief he endures as he inhabits our bodies when we are so unclean.

The Bible is Holy – Ex 20:24 – God is in there.  The words of God are perfect, without error, and pure.  His word purifies us.  Imagine the arrogance of those who would defile his words with men’s words by modernizing, changing, subtracting from and lying about what he said.

We are a Holy Nation – 1 Pet 2:9 – God is among us.  We are to be, therefore, separate from the world and peculiar.  We are to come out from among them.  We are to be noticeably different from the world.

Be ye holy – 1 Pet 1:15-16 – We must have individual holiness that comes from the presence of God within us.  Don’t defile the temple of God!!

Conclusion:  so little is said about God’s holiness. But you see the command in the Bible for our holiness.  So be ye holy!!