Commentary on Romans 9:10-33

Commentary on Romans 9:10-33 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Before studying the purpose of God according to election [Rom 9:11] we will make a running commentary on Rom 9:10-33.  Reading through the passage we will comment on what certain of the verses say rather than what they are presumed to say by those who don’t believe what they say. Commentary on this passage includes the following:

Rom 9:15 – I will have mercy on whom I will have mercy – see Ex 20:5-6, where the two conditions of mercy were “them that love me and keep my commandments.”  This was not some eternal decree before the foundation of the world.

Rom 9:16 – “him that willeth” was Esau [Heb 12:1-17]; “him that runneth” was Jacob [Gen 27:43-44].

Rom 9:17 – Pharaoh – God said, “for this purpose have I raised thee up.”  In God’s foreknowledge he knew what Pharaoh would do but God didn’t make him do it [Ex 3:19-20].  God didn’t harden Pharaoh until he rejected God twice [Ex 5:2; 7:11-14].

Rom 9:20 – “God made me this way” is the excuse of many sinners who don’t want to repent.

Rom 9:21 – “one vessel unto honour, and another unto dishonor.”  Each vessel is made in time not in eternity.  According to 2 Tim 2:20, you can change your status as a vessel.  According to Jer 18:1-10 God changes the vessels depending on whether they believe his word.

Rom 9:22 – “longsuffering.”  According to Jn 3:36 all unsaved people are “vessels of wrath fitted to destruction.”  According to 2 Pet 3:9 God is longsuffering and not willing [that’s His will] that ANY should perish, but that ALL should come to repentance.  Look at Rom 2:4-5; God gives them a chance to repent.

Rom 9:23-24 – when we get saved we are among the vessels of mercy prepared unto glory because of Christ.

Rom 9:25-29 – out of all Israel, God will save a remnant.  So, while Israel is elect [Is 45:4] only those who believe will receive mercy.

Rom 9:28 – “a short work.”  See Matt 24:21-22.

Rom 9:30-33 – See 1 Pet 2:6-10.  Gentiles get in on salvation because Israel refused to believe [Acts 28:24-28].  Jesus is the elect stumblingstone and faith in him makes one righteous.

Conclusion: We will see in the next lesson that Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Israel, and even Gentiles were among the elect but that in every case faith was the condition for righteousness.  Unbelief is what damns a man.