Mission Trip Testimonies

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Mission Trip Testimonies

We just returned from a mission trip to Uganda, Africa. Ten of us spent the last two weeks on this trip. The following are some thoughts compiled from a few of the folks that went. Hopefully these thoughts will provoke you to consider a trip in the future or to increase the work that is needed in your mission field here at home.

  • Upon seeing the Ugandan’s zeal and service to the Lord made many humbled and convicted over their lack thereof.
  • Through their interactions with the church members there they were amazed at the level that they were “sold out” for the Lord.
  • Of course the poverty and everyday struggles for those folks just to have food and water, really exposed how very blessed we are.
  • Many of the small things really encouraged our folks to work on growing their servants heart.
  • Some saw firsthand how God changes your plans, and because of those changes many wonderful things happened that would not have happened otherwise.
  • All of the young folks were really searching for God’s will in their life. After a very Spirit filled lesson from the missionary on that subject, they learned that the only thing to be seeking is God’s will for today, and get there. If you are there, God will take you day by day where He wants you.
  • They all realized that this trip was not about what we were able to do there, but about what God was able to do to and through them.

This world is a lot bigger than you think. Traveling to Africa proved that point to all of us. God is a lot bigger than you think, He is the same God here as He is in Africa. It was such a blessing to go half way around the world to meet brothers and sisters in Christ that believe and serve the same God.

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