Wells as a Type of the Word of God John 4

Wells as a Type of the Word of God John 4 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In this sermon we are going to be looking at wells and the water that comes from them as a type of the word of God. In the introduction we will look at some verses showing water as a type of the Holy Spirit and his connection to teaching us the word of God.

The main part of the message will come from Genesis 24:1-63 where Abraham sends his servant to get a bride for a son. This passage and event is connected to a well and we will look at these people connected and what happened with them regarding the well.


1)  John 4:6,14 (Note here Jesus is using the well to represent the a place of refreshing not just physically but spiritually also)

2)  John 7:37-39 (Here Jesus uses water as a type of the Holy Spirit)

3)  John 14:26 (Here the Holy Spirit is to be our comforter and teach us the word of God)

4)  John 6:12-13 (Here the Holy Spirit is truth)

5)  John 17:17 (Here the word of God is truth)

6)  Ephesians 5:2 (We are washed by the water of the word)

So it is plain to see how that water is a type of the Holy Spirit and the word of God. The Holy

Spirit is our guide in regards to the word of God.

3 People connected with wells (Genesis 24:1-63):

1)  The Servant (Type of a person serving the Master)

  • Prayed by the well (verse 12)
  • Stood by the well (verse 13,30,43)
  • Worshipped at the well (verse 26-27)
  • What if he had missed that day?

2)  Rebekah (Type of a person just living day to day)

  • Came to the well in the evening.
  • She was prepared to receive water (verse 16)
  • Got the opportunity of a life time.

3)  Isaac waited by the well (verse 62)

  • Isaac was grieving the death of his mother and was lonely.
  • Meditated after coming from the well.

4)  Isaac dwelt by the well (Genesis 25:11)

  • After Isaac’s marriage to Rebekah he dwelt by the well where he had waited for her.

In these 3 people we see people who had a significant event happen to them at the well. The most significant events in your life will be connected with the word of God. Whether it be a place of refreshing, service, waiting, comfort, or living our life should be centered around the word of God.