To have a friend you must be a friend. Some of us have many friends and some have few. Friendships are born, nurtured and must be maintained. Solomon said that to have friends we must be friendly. How do you be a good friend? Are you a good friend?

[Prov.17:17] A friend loveth at all times

  • [John 15:13] no greater love than this
  • [Rom.5:7-8] even though we while we were sinners
  • Wedding vows are for real, richer or poorer, etc.
  • [1Pet.4:8] charity shall cover the multitude of sins
  • [Prov.10:12] love covereth all sins
  • A Friend will love you at all times, no matter what, are you that way?

[Prov.6:1-5] A friend is faithful and sure

  • [Prov.16:28] a whisperer separateth chief friends
  • [Prov.17:9] he that repeateth a matter separateth very friends
  • Spouses don’t ever talk about each other to others!
  • Friends don’t ever talk about each other to others!
  • A Friend will be faithful, are you a faithful friend.

[Prov.27:9, 6] A friend will tell you the truth

  • [Prov.27:17] so a man sharpeneth the countenance of his friend
  • [Prov.22:11] It shows your pureness of heart
  • Do you have a friend that will tell you the truth?


[James 4:4] The world is NOT your friend, don’t be its friend

  • Don’t love the things of the world
  • Don’t be faithful to the things of the world
  • The world never tells you the truth