The Sons of Eli 1 Sam. 2:12-25

1 Sam 2:12-25 The Sons of Eli CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In 1 Sam 2:12-25, the sons of Eli were wicked priests.  Unfortunately, they are not unlike many men who are in the ministry today.  These young men totally abused their authority in the ministry and corrupted Israel in the process.  Notice their wicked characteristics.  They were:

Sons of Belial – v.12 – As such, they were unsaved and idolatrous, children of the devil just like the Pharisees in Jesus’ day [Jn 8:44].

Agnostics – v.12 – They did not even know the Lord and like the Pharisees, then, they were the blind leading the blind.

Covetous – v.13-14 – Like many ministers today [Rom 16:17-18] and like the Pharisees in Jesus day [Lk 16:14], they were “in it” for what they could get out of it for themselves.

Thieves – v.15-17 – According to the law, the fat is the Lord’s [Lev 3:16] and yet these boys were stealing the Lord’s portion of the offering, again just like the Pharisees [Mk11:17].

Adulterous – v.22 – Unbelievably, they were having sex with women who assembled at the door of the tabernacle.  Jesus was likewise in an adulterous and evil generation, as are we [Matt12:38-39].

Scandalous – v.24 – The report on these boys was “no good.”  Yet ministers are to have “a good report of them that are without,” [1 Tim 3:7].

Rebellious – v.25 – These boys were opposed to authority and would not hearken to the voice of their father.  A good minister, as any good leader, is a man under authority [Matt 8:9].