Bring Forth Fruit through Prayer John 15:1-16

Brining Forth Fruit through Prayer John 15:1-16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO


  • The theme of this passage is “Bringing forth fruit”, Verses 1, 5, 8, 16
  • Luke 1:30-31, Bringing forth means to birth something. We have the opportunity to be in on the conception or birth of something.
  • There is also 2 prayer promises connected, Verse 7 and Verse 16
  • I believe there are some great examples of bringing forth fruit through prayer in this passage
  • Not everyone in the body of Christ is preacher, teacher, singer, cleaner, but all can pray
  • Everyone can bring forth fruit

No need to preach to you about praying for your wants and needs, we are all well versed in that.

Purging Prayer                  [Verse 1-3]

  • Verse 2 – to purge: to cleanse, clear, or purify by separating and carrying off whatsoever is impure.
  • Illustration of purging Crawfish
  • Verse 3 – the word of God cleans or purges ( my testimony of purging in reading Bible)
  • The purging effect in talking out a matter with your spouse, it’s the same with God.
  • There is a purging effect in prayer
  • [1John1:9] “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness”
  • The prayer of Salvation, purges away past sin
  • Prayers to forgive others, purging bitterness, etc.

 Abiding Prayer                  [Verse 4-5]

  • To abide: to rest, or dwell, to stay, or stand firm
  • Abiding prayer concerns your fellowship with God, staying in His will
  • Thanksgiving is vital to your fellowship with God, just like with your spouse or parents
  • [Phil.4:6-7] “with thanksgiving” We spend far too much time concerned with the things we don’t have and seeking the things we want.
  • Asserting the will of God, we get in the way of seeing his will by not removing our will
  • [Rom.12:1-2] submitting to Him

 Loving Prayer                    [Verse 9-10, 12-16]

  • The Lord’s greatest gift of Love, Verse 13
  • His commandment to us, Verse 12
  • One of the greatest ways to show that love for others is prayer
  • Verse 16 shows that He has chosen us and ordained us to bring forth fruit.
  • I believe God expects us to pray for others
  • Job chapter 7, he confesses his sin, and nothing changed
  • Job chapter 41:10, he prayed for his friends, blessings came.
  • [1Sam.12:23] “Moreover as for me, God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you”
  • If one of the greatest ways to show your love for others is to pray for them, then praying for folks to get saved would be a great loving prayer.
  • Examples: Before, during and after preaching, during any attempt to witness to others
  • Pray for your pastor
  • Pray for the ministries of this church
  • Pray for missionaries
  • Wednesday night prayer request.


  • Verse 16, Fruit that remains?
  • Verse 11, the joy of the Lord! According to Nehemiah it “your strength”
  • Purging prayer will bring joy to you and Him
  • Abiding prayer will bring joy to you and Him
  • Loving prayer will bring joy to you and Him
  • My loving prayer is that you will seek to improve in these three areas of prayer!