How to Have Peace Rom.1:7

How to Have Peace Rom 1:7 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

This sermon is on how to have peace.  Peace is one of the greatest provisions to us by God [Col 3:15], Jesus Christ [Jn 14:27] and the Holy Spirit [Gal 5:22].  The question is how do I find peace when I need it?  You find peace by:

Putting faith in Christ – Rom 5:1-2 – when you get saved and you know it, there is a peace that comes over you in your justification with God.

Praying with thanksgiving – Phil 4:6-7 – when you get so overwhelmed with worry and anxiety remember to add thanksgiving to your supplication and remember to wait in prayer until the peace of God keeps your heart and mind.

Receiving wisdom from above – Jas 3:17 – earthly wisdom results in strife, envy and confusion [that’s the kind of wisdom that breaks up churches and homes] whereas the wisdom from above gives peace – that wisdom comes from the word, from prayer [Jas 1:5] and from godly counsel.

Loving the word – Ps 119:165 – this yields GREAT peace – nothing will offend you if you love God’s words – don’t just read them, love them.

Walking in the Spirit – Gal 5:16, 22, 25 – each and every moment you can either walk in the list of your flesh or you can walk in the Spirit – when you walk in the Spirit you have peace as one aspect of the fruit of the Spirit.

Trusting in the Lord – Is 26:3 – when your mind is stayed on the Lord in trust, you have PERFECT peace – rather than dwell on your problems and circumstances, dwell on and magnify the Savior.

Putting on charity – Col 3:12-15 – charity is the bond of perfectness – and when you put it on, you can then let the peace of God rule in your heart – this is the greatest way to strengthen your relationships with your brothers and sisters in Christ.

Conclusion: from the scripture, you can see how to have peace – if you aren’t saved yet, you can have peace with God today through faith in Jesus Christ – if you are troubled you can have peace from God by following what the scripture says to do.