Anger Management

Anger Management

James 1:19-20

                The Bible has a lot to say about Anger management. James deals with the wrath of man in this passage, and says we are to be swift to hear, slow to speak and slow to wrath. The wrath of man is not a display of the righteousness of God. In this lesson we will look at how we should deal with anger.

It’s okay to be angry

  • [Mark 3:5] Jesus was
  • He cleaned out the Temple twice, First time [John 2:13-16], Second time [Matt.21:12]
  • [Eph.4:26] “Be angry and sin not” told to us by Paul
  • [Titus 1:9-13] Be angry at wrong doctrine
  • [Matt.23:15] Be angry with people who prevent the gospel
  • [2 Cor.13:2] Be angry at evil or sin

But not quickly

  • [Neh.9:17] God is slow to anger, aren’t you glad about that!
  • [Prov.14:29] That makes you “of great understanding”
  • [Prov.15:18] It “appeases strife”, a soft answer [Prov.15:1]
  • [Prov.16:32] Makes you “better than the mighty” makes you the “bigger man”

Not without cause

  • [Prov.3:30] with no harm

Not permanently

  • [Eph.4:26] Twelve hours is probably long enough to be angry and get over it.
  • [Heb.12:15] Don’t stay there long enough to become bitter.
  • [Rom.12:19] Vengeance is God’s. It’s his place.

Not so that it makes you sin

  • [Eph.4:27] You keep nursing it and the Devil will have place to take advantage of you
  • [2 Cor.2:10-11] Paul was explaining this truth
  • [1Cor6:1-8] Paul explains it is better to just take the wrong done to you.

[Eph. 4:32] Jesus has forgiven you, so what has this other person done to you that is worse than what you have done to Jesus? Have the righteousness of God and not the wrath of man.

[Col.3:12-13] Forbearing or letting it go!