Babylon the Great (Part 3) Rev. 18

 Rev 18 Things That Stand Out About Babylon CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Things that stand out about Babylon the Great.

The destruction of Babylon –

Makes Her – 2 Babylon falls and becomes the habitation of devils, foul spirits and hateful birds 2 = bittern and fowl spirits

Affects – 3 Those affected are nations, kings and merchants 3 – nations drunk of the wine of her wrath (Jer 25), kings committed fornication with her and merchants waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies

Spares – 4 My people “Jews” are to come out of her – like Lot at S & G – even Lk 17 as in the days of Lot

Results from – 5 Destruction coming for – for her sins Jer 51:9 and iniquities like S & G

6 for her works – double what she did to the Jews

7 for her pride – glorified herself, lived deliciously, I sit a queen (of heaven Jer 44) – as much as she did these things so much torment and sorrow give her

23b for her sorceries – Acts 13:6-8

24 for her murder of the prophets saints and all

Caused by – 8 Destruction = plagues, death, famine, fire (S & G)

 Takes 10 – one hour and v. 17 and 19 – 17:12

 Crashes the world economy – 9-10 The Kings – mourn and fear – they are sad for her destruction but they are afraid they’ll get the same – they deserve it

 11-19 The merchants – mourn – no man buys their stuff any more – 12-13 stuff includes precious metals and jewels, fabrics, wood, ivory (illegal), brass, iron, marble (Dan 5) spices, wine, oil, grains, animals, chariots, and MEN (6:15 bondman – souls of men that are traded include athletes) – 14 all of this destroyed for ever – 15 these guys were made rich Acts 19:24-25 and they stand back in fear – 16 = 17:4 – 17-19 riches come to nought Prov 11:4; Lk 12:20 affected as well {world wide commerce affected] like Eze 27:29-36 so they all mourn – comp Eze 28 and destruction of the devil – Is 10:5-13 is how he gets all this wealth – remember that the coming of the Lord is the end of the world and the fall of this city is the end of the religious system and the economic system associated with that world system of the devil

 Brings joy to the saints 20 – Jer 51:48

 Ends all activity in the city 20 – 23