Seducers II Tim. 3:13


The Bible says that the closer we get to the coming of the Lord, the more seducers will wax worse and worse and the more they will deceive and be deceived.  To seduce means to persuade into disobedience, disloyalty or desertion or to persuade or entice astray in action or belief.  Notice who is involved in this seduction:

The king – 2 Ki 21:9-10 – Manasseh was the king – he seduced Judah with idolatry – he seduced them away from the commands of the Lord, by which, if they had kept them, they would not have been destroyed and taken into captivity.  Many elected officials in the United States have seduced the people away from the Lord with their own laws concerning the idols of evolution, sex, drugs, alcohol and the promise of economic and medical security.  Our only remedy is to observe the Lord’s commandments.

The princes – Is 19:11-15 – these were the kings’ advisers – the princes seduced the kings with bad counsel and with a perverse spirit – they seduced them away from the counsel of the Lord.  Likewise, those who are not elected to positions in our government have seduced those who are elected by their bad counsel.  Our only remedy is to follow the counsel of the Lord.

The prophets – Ezek 13:8-16 – these were the preachers – they seduced the people away from the truth with lying divination and with the promise of peace when there was no peace.  There will be no peace in the Middle East till Jesus comes.  In Mk 13:22 false prophets seduce people away from true prophecy with signs and wonders – these are the charismatic gifts usurped from the Jews and used to cheat people out of millions of dollars.  Likewise, in our country the pulpit has been used to seduce people away from the Lord with lying divination – the fact that people can “worship” the Lord the way they do today with idols and rock music [as in Ex 32] is the product of seduction. Our only remedy is to follow the truth and the true prophecy of the Bible.

The devil – 1 Tim 4:1-2 – the devil is involved in the seduction that has destroyed faith in the true words of God – he has used seducing spirits [Is 19:11-15] and doctrines of devils to persuade men away from the Lord and his words – the Lord has given us two remedies – faith in the words of God [1 Tim 4:6] and the Spirit of God to teach us [1 Jn 2:24-27].

Conclusion: 2 Tim 3:13 says that seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived – in other words, when you see all of this turning away from the Lord in our government and in our pulpits, you need to understand that seduction is at the root of it – men and women are being seduced and are in turn seducing others – they are so deceived they have no idea that what they are doing is wrong – we need to stay right in the words of God with strong faith and with understanding that comes from the Holy Spirit.