Rebellion 1 Sam.15:23

Rebellion 1 Sam.15:23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The subject of rebellion is a subject that must be addressed today because there are so many rebels among us – furthermore, rebels find a lot of support today among musicians, actors, athletes, peers, and other influential people – you must understand from the Bible what’s going on when children are rebellious.

Rebellion is against the Lord – Deut 9:7, 24 – rebellion is a spiritual problem with authority – rebels disobey God [1 Sam 15:22], God’s words [1 Sam 15:23] and God’s authorities [parents, pastors, police] – ultimately a rebel needs to reconcile with God – the best way for him to do this is to get saved if he isn’t and then to obey the Lord.

Rebellion is like witchcraft – 1 Sam 15:23 – that is when a rebel comes out from under his proper spiritual authorities he then goes under the authority of the devil [whether he recognizes this or not] – 2 Tim 2:25-26 addresses the Satanic influence in the life of a rebel – like the Pharisees, a rebel is the child of the devil [Jn 8:44; 1 Jn 3:10].

A rebellious person is usually a stubborn person – Ps 78:8 – rebellion and stubbornness go together – Deut 21:18-20 – a stubborn person refuses to yield, obey or comply; he is obstinate – by the time you see all of this outward behavior in a person, you can be sure that there has been a good deal of rebellion already working on the inside – stricter rules won’t change the behavior – neither will coaxing, loving, disciplining or restraining the rebel – he only becomes more stubbornly determined to have his own way.

Rebellion is a problem in the heart – Jer 5:23 – a rebellious heart – the rebel has to change from the inside out – so he may comply with outward measures for a while [like a young man in a boys home or in the juvenile detention center] – but he is going to keep being rebellious until his heart changes – if he doesn’t want to change no one is going to be able to change him – when he wants to change, he can surrender to the Lord and he will begin to improve immediately – over time you will probably never know that he was once a rebel.

What should you do if you are dealing with a rebel?

You must be adamant – Ezek 3:9 – you cannot be afraid – you must not provoke him – being adamant means that you hold your ground and don’t let him move you off of the truth or out of your boundary – you stay put; he is the one who is out of line.

You must speak God’s words – Ezek 2:7 – you tell him what God said whether he will listen to you or not – he does not need your opinions or your angry reactions – just tell him straight up what the Lord said.

You might have to keep silent – Ezek 3:26 – sometimes there is just nothing that you can say or do and you must then let him bear the fruit of his rebellion – you cannot change his heart, that’s for sure – and if he defies authority, more rules and restrictions will only result in more outward rebellion – so he leaves you no option but to leave his rebellion to him and God – if this means that he walks out, then you’ll have to let him go.