Why Preach the Gospel, Mark 16:15

Why We Preach the Gospel Mark 16:15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The answer to why preach the gospel is simple.  We preach the gospel because:

The lost need the preaching of the gospel – Rom 10:13-14.  That’s how they are saved.  We are not Calvinists.

We have been sent to preach the gospel – Rom 10:15.  Those who know and believe the gospel are the ones who tell the lost about Jesus.

We have been commanded to preach the gospel to every creature – Mk 16:15.  To not preach is to disobey Christ.  “To every creature” demands that we give to missions.  And it demands that we witness faithfully to our neighbors.

We will give account of preaching the gospel at the judgment seat of Christ – 1 Cor 9:16, 19-27.  You can ease your conscience and excuse your disobedience down here but there will be no excuses at the judgment seat of Christ.

Others are preaching the wrong gospel – Gal 1:8-9.  Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons are more faithful to propagate their lie than most Christians are to tell the truth.  We must counter this.

We are the ones who preach the true gospel – 1 Cor 15:1-4.  Our gospel is “according to the scriptures”.  There’s no error in it.  It does not require works or tongues.  We have it right.  It is simply a matter of repentance toward God and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ.

Preaching the true gospel changes lives – Rom 1:15-15.  It is the power of God unto salvation.  Getting saved is a life-changing experience.  I love to be there when sinners trust Christ.

The door to preach the gospel is still open – 2 Cor 2:12.  Whenever you come to an open door in the Lord’s will you should go through it.  One day the door may close and then you cannot do what you are commanded to do now.

Conclusion: Because men and women still need to be saved.  What are you going to do about preaching the gospel?  You can tell your neighbors, give to missions, join Fishers of Men, walk through the open doors, and prepare yourself for the judgment seat of Christ.