Names of Jesus “S” Part II

Names of Jesus “S” Part II CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When you consider the names and titles of the Lord Jesus Christ, there are so many that we must deal with them alphabetically just to do them justice. There are many wonderful things that you will learn about Jesus when you study the names of Jesus.  Today, we’ll study some of the names of Jesus and his titles that start with the letter “S.”

Spiritual – 1 Cor 15:46-47 – we are from the earth; he was from heaven; conceived by the Holy Spirit – we are to worship God in Spirit and truth.  All of these other references are literal but they are spiritual

Sun – Mal 4:2 – at the second coming of Jesus [see Ps 19:1-5]

Star – Num 24:17 – Balaam’s prophecies include the prophecy of Jesus who is a Star [Rev 22:16].

Stone – Dan 2:34, 44-45; Matt 22:42; 1 Pet 2:6 – he is the stone whose kingdom becomes supreme and world wide.

Shiloh – Gen 49:10 – because they are going to meet the King.

Scepter – Gen 49:10 – he rules with a rod of iron [Rev 19:15].