Why Do The Heathen Rage, Ps 2:1-3

Why Do The Heathen Rage Ps. 2:1-3 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Psalm 2 begins with the question, Why do the heathen rage?  The answer is found in the first three verses of the chapter and then the next two verses show you God’s response to their rage.  We are going to study the first three verses.

This passage deals with the international opposition to God and the Lord Jesus Christ but spiritual application can be made to individuals, as well.  So, we will deal with the truths in this passage that pertain to both nations and individuals, alike.

Why do the heathen rage?  The heathen rage because of their:

Lack of the knowledge of God – Ps 2:1.  “heathen”.  They have no fear, no knowledge Prov 1:7; Rom 3:18.  Paul blasphemed God in ignorance 1 Tim 1:13.  The men who crucified Jesus didn’t know him 1 Cor 2:7-8.  They may even profess that they know him when they don’t Titus 1:16.  The only way they are going to know him is through believing the Bible.

Vain imagination – Ps 2:1.  “imagine a vain thing”.  Vain imaginations darken the heart Rom 1:21.  Their imaginations are vain because they are alienated from the life of God Eph 4:17-18.  Their thoughts are contrary to the sound wisdom of God’s words.

Ungodly associations – Ps 2:2.  “the kings of the earth set themselves”.  They take counsel together but all the counselors are against God.  This is a very simple truth.  The nations who are against the God of the Bible will try to overthrow God and God’s people Dan 7:25; Dan 8:23-25.

Foolish counsel – Ps 2:2.  “the rulers take counsel together”.  A companion of fools shall be destroyed Prov 13:20.  There are those who walk in the counsel of the ungodly Ps 1:1.  Because this counsel is contrary to the counsel of God it will not stand Prov 21:30.  God’s counsel is found in a true belief of God’s words.

Misunderstanding of liberty – Ps 2:3.  “bands… cords”.  Read and digest these verses Jas 1:25; Jn 8:32; Gal 5:1; 2 Cor 3:12.   You don’t have liberty apart from God and apart from his laws which have been fulfilled in Jesus Christ Rom 10:4.

Rebellion against God’s laws – Ps 2:3.  “break… cast away”.  They try to break the bands and cast away the cords.  They see the liberty of God as constraining; we know it to be liberating.  Thus they ensnare themselves in their own deception and rebellion against God 2 Pet 2:18-19.  They aggressively oppose God and God’s people to the point of attempting to annihilate them.

Conclusion: the heathen rage because they are clueless about God, God’s word and God’s liberty.  All of this clears up in Jesus Christ and in the Bible if they will humble themselves and believe what God said.