Isaiah 60:1-11 You Will See

You Will See Is. 60:1-11 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When Jesus returns and after the barrel of Armageddon, you will see the most remarkable transformation in the earth.  The change will be as drastic as the difference between night and day.  What looked like the utter annihilation of the Jews on one day will turn out to be the foundation for them to become the world’s greatest nation on the next day.  Instantly, when the Lord sets up his throne, things change.

Just before the Lord begins his 1,000 year reign, you will see darkness, nations gathered around Jerusalem to destroy her, Jews carried away and scattered into nations, Gentiles opposed to the Jews’ religion and their God, the country ravaged and the wealth carried away as spoil, the land so desolate that flocks can’t survive, the walls and gates of Jerusalem broken down, and kings coming to them with their forces to destroy them.

Immediately after Jesus takes the throne, you will see:

The light of the world – Is 60:1 – Jn 8:12; Jn 1:4

The glory of God – Is 60:1 – Heb 1:3; Ps 24:7

Darkness turn to light – Is 60:2 Cor 4:6; 1 Pet 2:9

Gentiles flowing to the Jews – Is 60:2 – Zech 8:22-23; Mic 4:1-2

All Jews returning to Israel – Zech 10:8-10

Gentiles converting to Judaism – Is 60:5 – Zech 14:16-17 [like Est 8:17]

Gentiles bringing abundant gifts to the Jews – Is 60:6 – like the Queen of Sheba [1 Ki 10:10, 24-25].

Plenty of grass for flocks – Is 60:7 – Zech 8:11-12 [following 3 ½ years of drought]

Reinstatement of sacrifices – Is 60:7 – Ezek 45:16-17

The rebuilt temple – Is 60:7 – Ezek 40-48

Gentiles rebuilding Jerusalem and her walls – Is 60:10 – Acts 15:16-17 [unlike in the days of Nehemiah and Ezra]

God’s favor and mercy toward Israel – Is 60:10 – Is 14:1-2

The gates of Jerusalem open continually – Is 60:11 – Zech 14:11, therefore, peace