Give and Take Jn 3:16

Give and Take Jn 3:16 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

We teach a men’s Bible study on Monday nights at the church.  The purpose is to train men in the Bible.  They are searching the words of God, they are learning the doctrines of the Bible and they are being instructed in how to prepare lessons and teach the Bible.  Each week one of the men takes about 15 minutes of class time to teach an abbreviated lesson he has prepared.

Last Monday, we were going over some instructions on how to identify the various pertinent parts of a verse and how to expound and outline each of those parts.  When we finished dealing with two verses on money, our youth pastor said, “In those two passages of scripture dealing with money, you have God and the devil.  One is give, give, give and the other is take, take, take.  I laughed and said, “Don’t be surprised if you hear me preaching on that on the radio this week.”  And so I am preaching give and take; God and the devil.

God is all give – Jn 3:16 – God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son – God gives eternal life – God gives life, breath, grace, mercy, forgiveness, power, strength, abundant life, spiritual blessings, spiritual fruit, spiritual gifts, spiritual offices, his word, the increase in the body of Christ, rain, food, and on and on – God is a giver – Jesus Christ gave up heaven and all of his glory and came to earth to give his life for us – when he died he had given everything; there was nothing left to give – he gave it all.

The devil is all take – Jn 10:10 – the thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy – he took Adam’s dominion – he took the words of God and twisted them – he takes God’s glory, he takes people’s bodies, their minds, and their lives, he takes treasures and he takes the world – he’ll take Jesus’ throne on earth – and he tried to take God’s throne in heaven – he takes it all, that is all that he can get.

Conclusion: oddly the devil is the one who gains the whole world and loses his own soul – Jesus is the one who gave up the whole world to win our souls and ends up king of the whole world – the devil takes it all and loses it all; the Lord gives it all and gets it all back – so why don’t you be like Jesus the cheerful giver [2 Cor 9:7] rather than like the devil, the insatiable taker [1 Tim 6:10].