A Good Passage on Answered Prayer 2 Chr. 7:14

A Good Passage on Answered Prayer 2 Chr. 7:14 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Though 2 Chr 7:14 is doctrinally aimed at Israel, it is a good passage on answered prayer.  Now, keep in mind, this is not a recipe for getting prayers answered every time you pray.  And this is not some best selling passage like the prayer of Jabez.  This is a simple passage that illustrates a good way for you to “get a hold” of God after you have strayed away from him a bit, after you have backslidden.  When you want God to hear you after you have strayed:

Reaffirm or be sure that God is your Father – “if my people, which are called by name” – be sure whether you are a backslidden Christian who is getting right with God or lost person who is coming to the Lord to be saved – in either case, whether you are getting right with God or getting saved, it is important to realize that you have now come to your Father.

Humble yourself before him – “shall humble themselves” – if you really come back to the Lord, you will humble yourself in his presence when you realize his greatness, his goodness, his longsuffering, his majesty, his mercy and his love – many people try to justify themselves and their sin in the presence of God – this is not humility; this is pride.

Effectually and fervently pray – “and pray” – pray for the Lord to show you the wickedness in your life, to show you his perspective – and when he does, confess these things before God [agree with him about your sin] – and then communicate with him in prayer – you have been away from him far too long – you need to spend time with him in prayer.

Seek his face – “and seek my face” – make sure that there is nothing between you and the Lord – your relationship with him has been strained by your inattention – so know it is time to rekindle your friendship and to make sure that he is the best friend that you have in the world – love him with all of your heart and suffer the loss of whatever interferes with your love for him.

Turn from your wicked ways – “and turn from their wicked ways” – at some point you came to a fork in the road and chose rebellion, stubbornness and disobedience over God – go back to that place where you turned away and get back on that spiritual, narrow, Biblical, upright way – realize that there are many things that God calls sin that you thought were not affecting your life – they did and they are and you need to turn from these.

Conclusion: Then God will hear your prayer as he promised to Israel and he won’t seem like he is “a million miles away.”