Isaiah 59:1-21 How Sin Ruined Israel

How Sin Ruined Israel Is. 59:1-21  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Israel is in desperate need of salvation and redemption.  But they have separated themselves from the Lord God and so they are still waiting for the Lord to deliver them from their enemies and their sins.  This lesson is on how sin ruined Israel.  Sin ruined Israel by:

Distorting their view of God – Is 59:1 – Israel is of the impression that either the Lord isn’t capable of saving them [hand shortened] or that he cannot hear their prayers, neither of which is true.

Separating them from God – Is 59:2 – their iniquities have caused the separation between them and God – so it’s not that he can’t hear or can’t save but that he won’t!

Destroying their society – Is 59:3-7 – these verses show how sin permeates every aspect of their lives, individually and corporately.

Robbing them of peace – Is 59:8 – they choose the crooked paths rather than the straight paths and never find peace [even to this day “peace in the Middle East” is a mere dream].

Blinding them from light – Is 59:9-10 – judgment and justice come from following the words of God – since they refuse, then they walk on in darkness and cannot find their way – they stumbled at Jesus Christ, the light of the world, and have not been able to find their way ever since [1 Pet 2:7-8].

Severing them from judgment and salvation – Is 59:11, 14 – for them, truth falls in the street, judgment turns away, and justice stands far off – there is no hope for them without these.

Testifying against them – Is 59:12-13 – oddly, they know the problems they are having with sin – they know the sins they are committing and they know what these sins are doing to them and yet they don’t turn.

Turning them away from truth – Is 59:14-15 – they are so messed up by sin that when anyone departs from evil, he makes himself a prey – they kill the prophets and they rejected and killed Jesus Christ.

So, God has to intervene or this ruinous work of sin never stops.

The Lord intercedes with salvation and righteousness – Is 59:16-17 – since there was no intercessor, the Lord became flesh in the person of Jesus Christ and came with righteousness and salvation to save Israel – the references to vengeance and zeal are fulfilled at his second coming.

The Lord returns with vengeance and recompense – Is 59:18-19 – at the second coming of Jesus the adversaries and enemies of the Lord are destroyed and the remaining nations fear the name of the Lord.  The enemy coming in like a flood is seen in Rev 12:15.

The Lord redeems Israel – Is 59:20 – the Lord Jesus comes to Zion to rule upon the throne of David [Is 9:6-7] and Israel turns from transgression [repentance].

The Lord fulfills the new covenant with Israel – Is 59:21 – for ever after this, Israel never turns to transgression again because they are saved – under the new covenant [Jer 31:31-34] they law is written in their hearts and in their minds and they all know the Lord.

Conclusion: Two things are apparent from this lesson besides the obvious doctrinal instruction.  First, you can see why the disciples and much of Israel were confused when Jesus came as their Messiah.  They imagined that he would come as a great deliverer to take vengeance on their enemies.  They had overlooked the suffering servant of Is 53.  Second, you can see the same ruinous work of sin in your own life.  What it does to Israel is exactly what it does to you.  Likewise, you had to turn from your sin to the Lord to help you or you would be in the same shape as Israel.