Do You Have Little Faith or Great Faith? Matt 8:5-10

Is Your Faith Little or Great? Matt 8:5-10  CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

In an attempt to answer the question, “Do you have little faith or great faith” we need to check the references in the Bible to little faith and great faith.

The elements of little faith

Concerned with mammon – Matt 6:24-34 (v.30) – when your faith is little your thoughts are consumed with food, drink and raiment rather than with God – little faith seeks the little necessities rather than the Kingdom of God – your eyes are on your needs and not on the supplier of those needs – look at this illustration in Matt 16:5-12 (v.8) – the disciples misunderstood Jesus because their mind was consumed with bread – little faith is concerned with mammon – in Jn 6, after the miracle of feeding the 5,000, the folks came back for the food not the Savior.

Marked by unbelief and fear – Matt 8:23-27 (26) – the disciples had little faith because they didn’t believe Jesus’ words (v.18) and they were fearful – fear is the token of our society today.

Diminished by “sight,” fear and doubt – Matt 14:26-33 (31) – Peter had little faith because he was walking by “sight” and not by faith – he was afraid – he doubted – and, of course, he lost faith in Jesus’ words to “be not afraid” and to “come.”

Little faith is marked by unbelief, fear, doubt, thinking about mammon, and walking by sight – these are the preeminent concerns of men today – the “hunker downers” and those who are looking at the signs of the times rather than at the Savior of the day have little faith!!

The elements of great faith

Marked by faith in the Lord and the authority of his words – Matt 8:5-10 (v.10) [Lk 7:1-10] – the centurion’s faith was great because he knew that Jesus was under authority; he had to be God’s man – and his faith was in what Jesus said [v.7-8; Rom 10:17].

Marked by faith in the Lord and the authority of his words – Matt 15:21-28 – the Canaanite woman’s faith was great because she had faith in who Jesus is – she called him “Lord, Son of David” – contrast what she said with Matt 22:41-45 – and she had faith in what Jesus said, “be it unto thee even as thou wilt” – she knew that Jesus was the only one in the world who could deal with that devil in her daughter because he is greater than the devil and his word would make that devil leave.

Great faith is in the Lord and in his word – the centurion and the Canaanite woman never took their eyes off of Jesus to consider the other “stuff” around them.