Isaiah 57:1-21 Jewish Idolatry

Jewish Idolatry Is. 57: 1-21 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Isaiah 57 is predominately about Jewish Idolatry. Concerning Jewish Idolatry we see:

The roots of their idolatry – sorcery [v.3; 2 Chr 33:6], adultery [v.3; Ezek 23:37], transgression [v.4], falsehood [v.4], fear [v.11] and covetousness [v.17; Col 3:5; Jer 44:15-17].

The deeds of their idolatry – they sported against God and God’s men (to mock or ridicule someone) [v.4; like Matt 11:16-19], and they derided them [v.4 make a wide mouth and draw out the tongue], they enflamed themselves with idols [v.5], they slew their children [v.5; 2 Ki 16:3, 21:6, etc.], they offered drink offerings and meat offerings [v.6; Jer 7:18], and they sacrificed to idols  [v.7; Hos 13:2].

The places of their idolatry – under every green tree [v.5; 1 Ki 14:23]; in the valleys [v.5; 2 Chr 28:3]; on the high mountains [v.7; 2 Ki 14:4]; behind closed doors [v.8; Ezek 8:7-12]

The instruments of their idolatry – idols [v.5], smooth stones [v.6; like Jos 4:3, 8-9], beds [v.7-8; Amos 6:3-6], ointment and perfume [v.9, the counterfeit of Ex 30:22-38].

The results of their idolatry – evil to come [v.1-2, from which the righteous and the merciful men are removed; see 1 Ki 14:13], deception [v.10 they put their hope in idols, the work of their hands, wherein is no hope], failure [v.12 their righteousness and their works will not profit them; v.13 their idols will not be able to deliver them], no peace [v.20-21 they are like the troubled sea, never settled]. (Note: the covenant and the king of v.8-9 are a prophetic reference to the antichrist in the Tribulation; the Jews debase themselves to hell when they make a covenant with him).

The Jews guilty of this idolatry were told to draw near to God [v.3, he contends with them because of his wrath, v.16]. Those who draw near and humble themselves, who turn back to the Lord to trust him, are promised by the high and lofty One that inhabiteth eternity [v.15] that:

They will inherit the land – [v.13]

Their spirit and heart will be revived – [v.15] – if they were humble and contrite

They will be healed and comforted – [v.18; Jer 3:22; Is 61:2-3]

They will be given peace – [v.19].