Half Dead Luke 10:30

Half Dead Luke 10:30 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

The man found by the Good Samaritan is a great example of a man misled by the world into a life of destruction. I just finished reading Fearless by Eric Blehm, published by Waterbrook Press.  Adam Brown had a dark side that looked much like what happened to this fellow in Lk 10:30.  He got in with the wrong crowd and they nearly destroyed him.

Let’s look carefully at what we see in this text so that it might help you to keep from going down a path that might one day destroy you. This fellow ended up half dead after traveling this route and so will you, if you don’t wind up all the way dead.  Here is how he ended up half dead. He traveled:

Down the Wrong Path – he “went down” – think about it – when a fellow is improving and advancing they say that he is on his way up – heaven is above and hell is below – Prov 15:24 – when a team is about to defeat another team they say, “You’re going down” – when Jonah ran from God he went down to Joppa and went down into the ship from the presence of the Lord [Jon 1:3] – the path to destruction is down – but remember that this is the path of least resistance – it takes no effort to go down – and once you start going down it is easy to build momentum – and once you build momentum it is harder to stop – thus, they say that he won’t turn until he hits bottom – but then the effort to get back up is tough and there is a ton of climbing just to get back to where you started and then you have to climb from there to get where you could have been going long ago – some get so discouraged by this prospect that they give up.

To the Wrong Place – Jerusalem is the blessed city – it is to be the city of peace – it is to be the city where God will dwell on the earth – it is to be the city of righteousness – it is the place to be – but he left this place – you always get in trouble when you leave the place of God’s blessing – your church, your home, your friends who bring out the best in you – these are your Jerusalem – this man left all that and went down to Jericho – Jericho is the city built by a cursed man [Jos 6:26; 1 Ki 16:34] – it is the place to get in trouble – it may have all the glitz and glitter but it is filled with vermin and it will bring out the worst in you.

With the Wrong People – he fell among thieves – the thieves weren’t hanging around Jerusalem – they were outside of town on the way down to Jericho – and when they find you they treat you just like they treated this fellow and just like they treated Adam Brown – they strip you of your raiment, of your virginity, of your dignity, of your honor, of your fellowship – they wound you, physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally – and they leave you when you are in desperate need – they will not be around once they have sucked half of the life out of you – they depart and leave you on the side of the road, used up and wasted – they got what they came for.

Conclusion: this man was half dead which is the picture of a lost man – his spirit is dead and his body is alive [barely in this case] – the Lord comes along and saves this fellow’s soul and now he is alive – nevertheless, he is still way down the road and he is still broke and beaten – he’s saved when he receives the Lord but he still has a long way to go to get back to Jerusalem – don’t go down the wrong path!!  Get saved and stay in Jerusalem!!