Forsake the Foolish Prov.9:6

Forsake the Foolish Prov. 9:6 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Wisdom, in Prov 9:6, says, “Forsake the foolish, and live, and go in the way of understanding.” Thus, you must forsake the foolish. In order to live, you must:

Forsake foolish religions – Jesus is not a religious concept; he is God – and Jesus never established a religion; he is the redeemer – religion is man’s concept and in order to spiritually live you need to forsake religion – this is why Jesus had such a battle with the Pharisees – they were religious and they wouldn’t forsake their religion – consequently, they killed the redeemer and wound up in hell – there is not one religion in the entire world that can give a man life – not one – there is not one religion that can justify a man before God – so it would be absolute foolishness to stay in something like that – forsake the foolish religion and live by receiving Jesus Christ, the way, the truth and the LIFE.

Forsake foolish philosophies – there are numerous foolish philosophies in the world that rob you of the life promised in Jesus Christ – the philosophy: of “living in the moment” because it emphasizes the temporal over the spiritual and the spiritual life is abundantly better than the temporal – of “you gotta make a living” because it emphasizes education and career over the Bible [Matt 4:4] and the Bible is a much greater source of life – of evolution because it emphasizes adaptation over creation and the creator is the giver and sustainer of life here and hereafter – of living life away from a good Bible believing church because it emphasizes your personal selfishness over your collaborative fellowship with other believers which is far more gratifying.

Forsake foolish associations – the companion of fools shall be destroyed – the people you hang around with have a lot to say about the life you live – the average life expectancy of a gang member is less than 21 years – if you were in a gang and you wanted to live longer than that you would get out – you would forsake those foolish associations – likewise, if you are saved and you want to experience the abundance of life promised by the Lord, you must forsake your foolish associations.

Forsake foolish ways – there are numerous foolish ways that rob you of the life promised in Jesus Christ – forsake the foolish way: of sinning justified by your liberty in Christ because it robs you of pleasure in the life in Christ – of covetousness because it robs you of satisfaction in the life in Christ – of lust because it robs you of contentment in the life in Christ – of self-will because it robs you of assurance in the life of Christ – of prayerlessness because it robs you of peace in the life of Christ – and so forth!

Conclusion: When you forsake these and start walking in the way of understanding, you really begin to see what it is to live!!