Wholly Follow The Lord, Jos 14:7-15

Wholly Followed The Lord Jos 14:8-I CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Jos 14:7-8 Caleb is a good example to help us wholly follow the Lord.  Caleb’s testimony in Canaan when he was recounting the time that he and eleven other spies went to search Canaan was, “I wholly followed the Lord.”  He did that despite the fact that ten of those spies were dead set against going in there.  I want to ask you a question today.  Can you honestly say, I wholly follow the Lord? 

To Wholly Follow the Lord:

Do what God called you to do

In Jos 14:7 Caleb said, “Moses… sent me… to espy out the land.” When Moses sent the spies into Canaan it was not for them to see IF Israel could take the land and destroy the inhabitants. They went in to check out the conditions so that they could take it. Joshua and Caleb are the only two of those twelve who did what they were told to do. Most Christians today have no idea what God has called them to do and they don’t seem to care. Are you one of those?  If you are then you are not wholly following the Lord. Ask God what he wants you to do and then get to it!!!

Prepare to give account to the Lord

In Jos 14:7 Caleb said, “I brought him word again.” The spies were to reconnoiter and then bring word back to Moses based upon what they learned. Caleb gave a true report based upon the information he collected. He was faithful. While you are here in the earth you need to remember that you are going to bring word back to the Lord about your time down here. Rom 14:12 says, “So then everyone of us shall give account of himself to God.” Are you prepared to account for your time of sojourning in the world [the land]?  Have you wholly followed the Lord?  You have a job to do and the Lord will require your account.

Commit your heart to the things of God

In Jos 14:7 Caleb said, “as it was in my heart.” I doubt that the other spies were wimps. They were probably good, reliable men as far as Moses was concerned. Yet, they were not committed in their hearts to follow through on their assignment. They came back scared to fight. Caleb came back ready to fight because he was committed. Are you committed in your heart to do whatever God demands of you?  If not then you are not wholly following the Lord.

Stand against the naysayers

In Jos 14:8 Caleb said, “my brethren that went up with me made the heart of the people melt.” When the spies returned, the majority [10] were too scared to fight. No telling who instigated the rebellion but most of the spies went along with it. Caleb, on the other hand, was not concerned about the majority, the peer pressure, the persuasiveness of men or any such thing. A whole bunch of men moving in the wrong direction could not sweep him away from the Lord. If you have ever followed the Lord wholly, you have come against opposition from others [even God’s people]. Until you can stand against that pressure and rely upon God solely you are not wholly following the Lord; you are following men.

Conclusion to wholly follow the Lord

According to Jos 14:9-15, Caleb was given an inheritance all his own. He outlived all the other males over 20 years old that wandered in the wilderness. And he was just as strong after 40 years of wandering and 5 years of fighting in Canaan as he was when he spied out the land. That’s because the Lord was with him. He had the strength of the Lord. If you will wholly follow the Lord, you will have an inheritance following your judgment, you will have a lifelong fruitful ministry, and you will be able to rely upon the strength and help of the Lord to get your work done for him!!!  So, wholly follow the Lord!!