Do You Believe Heaven Is Real? Col 3:1-2

Do You Believe Heaven Is Real? Col 3:1-2 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Can you say with absolute assurance, “When I die, I’m going to heaven?” You can if you have trusted the finished work of Jesus Christ on Calvary.  Do you believe that heaven is real?  You will undoubtedly answer, “Yes” if you are planning to go there.  However, my concern is that if you really believe that heaven is real and you are planning to spend eternity there shouldn’t your life reflect your conviction?

It would seem that if you really believed in heaven you would change your attitude about it. If you believe what the Bible has to say about heaven I believe that you will respond to that belief in ways that will change your life. If you really believe that heaven is real:

You would be looking up regularly – Col 3:1-2 because that is where Jesus is – if you really believe that Jesus is “up there” then your affection would be “up” where he is – you would also be looking up in anticipation of the return of the Lord [Titus 2:13].

You would be investing there primarily – Matt 6:20-21 – you would be giving to get the gospel out not to build a kingdom down here.

You would be telling others more often – Lk 15:10 – so few Christians witness and sow the seed of the word of God today.

You would be pleasing God first – Col 3:23-24, 2 Tim 2:4 – first and foremost you would be doing his will and then you would get to the things on your list.

You would be traveling lighter – Heb 12:1-2 you’d be ready to go at a moments notice; you’d be working efficiently without distraction.

Conclusion: So, I ask you again, “Do you believe heaven is real?” If so, then let your life reflect what you believe!!