Isaiah 54:1 Seven Barren Women

Seven Barren Women Is. 54:1 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

There are a total of seven barren women in the Bible and they typify the miraculous rebirth of Israel and the various blessings from the Lord that accompany Israel’s salvation. In chronological order they are:

Sarah – Gen 18:10-14 – her son Isaac is the miraculous promised seed – Isaac typifies Jesus – his offering in Gen 22 matches the crucifixion, substitutionary atonement and prophesied resurrection precisely, even down to the location – the result of Abraham’s faithfulness here was the blessing of Gen 22:17 – his seed would be a multitude – he would possess the gate of his enemies [Is 54:15-17] – all nations would be blessed [Gal 3:9-16, showing Gentile salvation]. As a side note after the promise is made to Abraham and Sarah in Gen 18, a righteous man is taken out of Sodom and Gomorrah [Gen 19, rapture], Sodom and Gomorrah are destroyed by fire [Gen 19, 2 Thes 1:7-9], Abraham denies his wife [Gen 20, Is 54:5-7], a Gentile returns her to Abraham with money [Gen 20, Is 60:5-9], and Isaac is separated and exalted [Gen 21, matching the separation and exaltation of Israel and their king, Jesus].

Rebekah – Gen 25:21-23 – the two nations born to her represent Gentiles and Jews, where the elder [Gentiles] ends up serving the younger [Israel] – Is 54:3, Is 60:11-12.

Manoah’s wife – Jud 13:2-5 – Samson began to “deliver” Israel out of the hand of the Philistines matching Rom 11:25-26.

Hannah – 1 Sam 1:5, 11 – the requested “man child” matches Jesus [Rev 12:5] – “no razor” matches Samson – Hannah’s prayer in 1 Sam 2:1-10 is loaded with prophecies of the second coming of Jesus – over enemies [v.1] – salvation [v.1] – rock [v.2, Matt 16:16-18] – killeth, alive [v.6, resurrection] – inherits the throne of glory [v.8, Matt 19:28] – nations broken to pieces [v.10, Rev 19] – king, anointed [v.10, Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords, Acts 4:27].

Shunammite woman – 2 Ki 4:14-17 – the raising of her son matches the resurrection [2 Ki 4:32-37] – in 2 Ki 8:1-6 she leaves the land for seven years [type of Tribulation] and when she returns, she is restored all of her fruits and lands [Joel 1:4; 2:23-27].

Elisabeth – Lk 1:7, 13-14 – the mother of John the Baptist – Lk 1:15 no wine matches Samson – Lk 1:67-79 – redeemed [v.68], salvation [v.69], saved from enemies [v.71], covenant [v.72], delivered [v.74], dayspring visited us [v.78, 2 Pet 1:19; Mal 4:2], light in the shadow of death with peace [v.79, Ps 107:10-14, Is 9:2, 6-7].

Mary – Lk 2:25-38 – the mother of Jesus – salvation [v.30], Gentiles saved and glory of Israel “thy people” [v.32], fall and rising again [v.34], redemption [v.38].

Conclusion: In the birth of these seven men and in the prophecies accompanying their birth we see the rebirth and restoration of Israel.