Isaiah 52:1-15 He Hath Redeemed Jerusalem

He Hath Redeemed Jerusalem Is. 52:1-15 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

When the Lord returns, he will redeem Jerusalem.  According to Is 52:9, he hath redeemed Jerusalem.  And when he redeems Jerusalem he will:

Sanctify Jerusalem – Is 52:1 – she will be called the holy city – no more uncircumcised or unclean will enter there [Rev 22:14-15.

Free Jerusalem– Is 52:2 – she will shake herself from the dust [Is 51:23] and she will loose the bands of her captivity [Jer 2914].

Redeem Jerusalem – Is 52:3, 9 – she sold herself for nought and so she is redeemed without money [1 Pet 1:18-19].

End the oppression of Jerusalem – Is 52:4 – the Assyrian oppressed her [Pharaoh in Ex 1 was an Assyrian] – see the study titled The Assyrian – he will oppress them in the Tribulation, as well.

Make his name known in Jerusalem – Is 52:5-6 – they will go from blaspheming his name to knowing his name [Ps 24:7-10; Zech 8:22-23] – contrast Ex 5:2.

Bring peace to Jerusalem – Is 52:7 – see Ps 122:6; Is 9:6-7 – peace was possible at the first coming of Jesus but because they rejected him, the peace afforded them in Jesus Christ will be postponed until he returns.

Reign over Jerusalem– Is 52:7 – see Lk 1:32-33 – Jesus will rule from the throne of David.

Return the Jews to Jerusalem – Is 52:8, 11-12 – the watchmen will see this for themselves and will sing when they do – during the Tribulation, the Jews will flee from Jerusalem [Matt 24:15-20; Rev 12:6, 14 – on there return, the Lord will lead them and be their rereward [like the angel of the Lord did in Ex 14:19-20].

Comfort his people in Jerusalem – Is 52:9 – the will rejoice and the waste places will sing [Is 40:1-5].

Save Jerusalem– Is 52:10 – he will bare his holy arm [Is 59:16; see the study of Is 51:1-23, “His Arm” in verse 9] and all shall see the salvation of God [Zech 9:9-10, 15-16].

Be exalted in Jerusalem – Is 52:13 – see Phil 2:9-11.

Save many nations from Jerusalem – Is 52:14-15 – Paul quoted this verse in Rom 15:20-21 to show its fulfillment in his Gentile ministry – by the end of the Tribulation the inhabitants of many nations will be saved by the Lord [Rev 7:9; Is 49:7, 23].