Isaiah 51:1-23 Comfort Zion

Comfort Zion Is 51:1-23 CLICK TITLE FOR AUDIO

Israel has had a rough history of oppression by her enemies and she has yet to endure the Antichrist, the coordinated attack of her enemies and the Tribulation.  This chapter shows what the Lord will do to comfort Zion.

The Lord comforts Zion by:

Reminding them of his blessing to Abraham – v.1-3 – Gen 12:1-3; Hos 10:12; Zeph 2:3 – this reminder is to them who seek the Lord and his righteousness – Zion will be like the Garden of Eden with joy and gladness when Jesus returns.

His everlasting salvation and righteousness – v.4-8 – Is 46:13 – these will be accompanied by his law and judgment [Is 2:3; Heb 8:8-13] and they will last forever whereas heaven and earth shall pass away [v.6; Ps 102:25-26; Matt 24:35] and the moth and worm will eat men [v.7-8; Acts 12:23] therefore there is no need to fear them [Ps 56:3-4, 11; Is 50:9].

His arm – v.9-11 – Is 52:10, 53:11 – with his arm he wounded the dragon [v.9, Ps 74:13-14], dried the sea [Ex 14:21], and makes a way through the great deep for the ransomed to pass over [Hab 3:13-15] – they will return with joy [Is 35:10].

Himself – v.12-16 – so there is no need to fear the oppressor who dies and withers like grass [Is 14:16-20; Is 40:6-8] – men forget the Lord out of fear of the fury of the oppressor – but the Lord made the heaven and the earth so the oppressor is no match for him – those who are held captive in exile are rescued from death in the pit and from starvation [v.14] by the Lord of hosts [v.15] who puts his words in their mouth [Is 59:20-21].

Removing his cup of trembling – v.17-23 – see the cup of fury in Jer 23:15-29 – the desolation in v.19 is from famine [Matt 24:7] and the destruction is from the sword [Matt 24:9; Rev 13:10; Rev 20:4] – the enemies of the Jews who have trodden over them [v.23] will receive what the Lord has put upon Israel and Zion will be comforted.